The GeeksverseStar Wars: Dawn Of The Jedi – Force Storm #1 – Advanced Review

Star Wars: Dawn Of The Jedi – Force Storm #1 – Advanced Review
Published on Monday, February 6, 2012 by

Published by: Dark Horse Comics
Written by: John Ostrander
Penciled by: Jan Duursema
Art by: Dan Parsons
Colored by: Wes Dzioba
Lettered by: Michael Heisler
Cover Art: A- Jan Duursema; B- Gonzalo Flores
Assistant Editor: Freddye Lins
Editor: Randy Stradley

Possible minor spoilers ahead.

This mini-series starts the Dawn of the Jedi, telling the story of how the Jedi came to be. It takes place Millenium ago, and alot of millenium because there’s a millenium between when the story opens and the end of the beginning narrative. It takes place 36,453 years before the Battle of Yavin.

This is a story that Star Wars fans of been wanting for awhile, I’d imagine. I’m on the edges of Star Wars fandom. Love the property but haven’t gotten into the comics that much. I read the novels, most of them, but the Old Republic is something of a mystery to me. So the time period this takes place in, total mystery.

But what I found odd was how established these civilizations were. With one exception, Tatooine (and that was a very interesting revelation), the civilizations shown seemed about as evolved/developed as they are in present Star Wars time. This story covers two millenium and there is already ships that can travel through hyperspace.

So it’s kind of odd to see some of them fighting with swords when they have ships that can travel from planet to planet.

The other thing I found odd was that there is a story that takes place before this, that we don’t know about. I don’t want to get into how this story starts or how the Je’dii come to be on Tython, but someone had to build the Tho Yor. Someone had to create these massive ships and program them to fly around the galaxy to find force sensitives.

This story is really the origin of the Jedi order, how it came to be out of the Je’dii order. Which will be interesting and is being set up in a nice and intriguing way. But I’d still like to know how/why the Tho Yor were created.

That being said, the Je’dii order is different. This is a group that strives to strike the perfect balance and the origin of the light side and dark side of the force is explained here, and it makes perfect sense.

Ostrander does a great job with the opening of this issue. We get about 9 pages of introduction, but done as a teacher explains the origin of how the Je’dii came to be on Tython to some students. It works very well at providing the introduction that we need to these people and their worlds. The rest of the issue is an introduction to the Rakata, whose Infinite Empire uses Force Hounds to find worlds with force sensitive people on them.

That brings us back to the point that there’s still some unknowns and this isn’t a complete origin. But in a way that is good because it leaves so many more stories to be told as this one just creates the Jedi order.

Overall Ostrander does a good job with this issue. We get an introduction to the Je’dii and how they came to be, what their philosophy is (which we can see how it leads to the creation of a light order and dark order) and brings us up to date. We also get an introduction to the enemy that will help forge the Jedi, and that enemy is even more interesting then the Je’dii. From the brief things we see, the culture of the Rakata is very interesting.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Jan Duursema from the first time I saw her work on Advanced Dungeons & Dragons from DC years ago. Still some of my favorite art in a comic. This issue is no exception. Her work is as solid as ever.

Star Wars: Dawn Of The Jedi – Force Storm #1 receives
4 out of 5

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