The GeeksverseG.I. Joe #173-175 The Death and Aftermath of Billy

G.I. Joe #173-175 The Death and Aftermath of Billy
Published on Friday, February 10, 2012 by

“There will be no Eulogy. The prodigal’s return was not of his own accord. What we shall have is a respectful silence…and rueful ruminations on my part.” -Cobra Commander standing beside the coffin of his son Billy in G.I. Joe #174. Cobra Command isn’t the only Joe universe at IDW. Larry Hama’s last few issues of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero seem designed to remind readers that he’s still there. His return to this Joe continuity has been hit and miss thus far, but the last few issues have been fairly strong. He even fixes a few problems that happened earlier in the run with facial recognition.

One of the stories for #173-174 feels more like a Special Missions stand alone story, with Cover Girl and crew demonstrating tanks in a small country. I don’t know why a covert organization would be responsible for selling hardware, but let’s not question that again.   If we roll with it, it reveals a fun tank battle with the October Guard which is fun. It is a well executed urban tank battle, especially after Cobra shows up with a variety of Hiss Tanks!

The death of Billy and his return to his father was nice.

I especially appreciate how the characters are reacting to Billy’s death.  Cobra Commander buried his son but the funeral wasn’t shown. Instead only the image of a grieving tyrant and Crimson Guard carrying the coffin. This will be a fun diorama scene for enthusiasts to stage with toys later. Hama still seems adept at working in toys into the story.  Baroness in the VTOL is packing heat, which Destro knows. Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, and Boris are off on their own mission. It is a full fun run of characters.

Ninjas and robots still seem to fascinate Hama. When I was buying #175, the store clerk wanted to know who was on the cover…terminator?

While this run has not been perfect, the last few issues have been fun.

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