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Archie and Kiss in a Comic Crossover
Published on Saturday, February 11, 2012 by

It is an unlikely pairing of Riverdale and Rock-n-Roll.In true Archie comics fashion, the teens of Riverdale have come together to hang out and protect the town from possible monsters.  Sabrina, Archie Comics’ favorite teenage witch, wants to cast a protection spell to help keep out monsters. Of course, two of the more dysfunctional members of the Riverdale gang get their feelings hurt and try to break off on their own. Conflict ensues because of teenagers not being detail oriented.  Oh will they never learn.
In the first installment, this has  a brief bit of Kiss, all of the Riverdale favs, and some nice Sabrina and Josie inclusions. I can’t picture this story arc taking four issues. It seems like it should wrap in the second issue.
This does not have the social commentary of the first two installments of Kevin Keller. Speaking of Kevin, he does seem to be missing from the gang in this comic, but the gang fluctuates from time to time.  It does seem like Josie’s inclusion is less than casual and that she’ll end up rocking PussyCats and Kiss together soon.

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