The GeeksverseAvengers Vs X-Men…. Yawn!

Avengers Vs X-Men…. Yawn!
Published on Friday, February 17, 2012 by

I’ve hammered the New 52 alot lately, so it’s time to sit back and see if they can fix it or if it just falls apart.

So who’s turn is it now?

Marvels, of course.

The big event is Avengers vs X-Men. Can I just skip ahead a couple months so I don’t have to bother with these?

I HATE super hero conflicts. They are so old and worn out. The stories are tired and usually just bad writing. What’s surprising is the creators involved in this, I wouldn’t have expected them to do a book like this. Hickman is my favorite writer right now.

The thing AvX has going for it, it’s not the standard “teams surprise each other and fight over misunderstanding”. There is a legit conflict between the two teams right now. But this series will need a major spark for me to think that after all they’ve been through together, these teams would just instantly jump into a fight.

That and there better damn well be some consequences and lasting effects. There better be no handshaking between Cap and Cyclops at the end of it.

I guess what really annoys me about the whole thing is this Versus tie-in series, that will take some of the conflicts and expand them. Do we really need to see an expanded version of the fight? Is this really what the fans want?

I don’t know about anyone else, but never have I said “I wonder who would win in a fight…” with heroes involved.

The problem with these fights; and this was the major issue with the whole JLA/Avengers x-over where the two teams fought and various other members of the MU/DCU got into conflict; is that neither side’s editors/writers wants their character to lose. It’s some kind of macho thing. I’m sorry, but I’m for good writing, logical writing, and that means in some of these conflicts there is going to be a clear cut winner.

Without the use of some kind of “cheat” (a real cheat, a temporary depowering, a temporary empowering, etc..), there would be a winner.

They’ve said that Iron Man’s armor has something that protects it from Magneto’s magnetism. This I can buy. Tony Stark is a genius. He’s pro-active. In a world where there is a sometime villain that can control metal, and your livlihood is wearing a metal suit of armor, you damn well better have some kind of defense.

But Psylocke vs Black Widow? Sorry Widow, love ya, but this fight will last all of 10 seconds. Unless of course the Widow has some kind of anti-telepathy device. Which is what would be needed to make this fight into anything. And to me, it makes the fight invalid.

This is my biggest issue with hero vs hero fights. They’re worse then Pro Wrestling

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