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Young Justice #13
Published on Friday, February 17, 2012 by

In the last issue of YOUNG JUSTICE, we learned the origins of Clayface and watched him transform from man into monster.

Issue #13 picks up right where its predecessor left off: right as Clayface takes on the Young Justice team. But with Artemis in prison and Aqualad questioning his leadership capabilities, will the team be able to defeat the monster attacking them? And when Clayface reveals his new and terrifying powers, who will the members of Young Justice rely on for help?

Written by Greg Weisman and features art by Christopher Jones and Dan Davis.

This is another great installment in the DC Kids lineup of comics. Still holding the line at 2.99, this title is action packed with little characterization, instead resting on the ground work provided by past issues and cartoons. Artemis has a nice moment even though she is off on a special side mission setting up one follow up cartoon episode. The main story, featuring Clay villain, is setting up another episode.   This is a fun book. It is oddly out of sync with the cartoon airing schedule but it should compliment nicely for fans of the show. As seen on CN this is a great set of characters having fun. This is still a great gateway comic.

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