The GeeksverseArmy Of Darkness #1

Army Of Darkness #1
Published on Saturday, February 18, 2012 by

Published by: Dynamite Entertainment
Written by: Elliott R. Serrano
Penciled by: Marat Mychaels
Inked by: Chris Ivy
Lettered by: Gabriel Belluco
Cover Art: A- Tim Seeley; B- Marat Mychaels
Editor: Joseph Rybandt

This issue kicks off the ongoing Army Of Darkness series and it starts off with an interesting direction. I liked the opening, how it reminded me of the Army Of Darkness movie opening, but from there this just goes a little nuts.

Other dimensions, the same world just different, is nothing new to comic books. And that element, unnecessarily, gets added to the Army Of Darkness mythos. But in an odd way. And I’m not talking odd as in Ash now being an Ashley. I’m talking odd in the Deadites of this new world. Instead of being the risen dead, the Deadite is an alien? That makes no sense. And this Ashley has magical powers?

All that could have worked if it had been written better. But it wasn’t. The Deadite is just annoying. They’ve been traveling through time? Where did it learn the language. And why the hell is it so damn annoying.

I could buy into the idea of a female Ash. But the rest just doesn’t work. It adds something to the Army Of Darkness/Evil Dead mythos that doesn’t need to be there.

The dialogue is clunky. Cleopatra doesn’t sound/talk like she should and why would a queen 1) be allowed in the room by herself with a sorceress and 2) answer her own door. That part made zero sense and it just wasn’t funny. The pop culture jokes just don’t work. None of it worked.

The whole issue just didn’t work.

But the art did. This was Mychael’s best work I’ve seen from him. The stiffness that is normally associated with him wasn’t there. It’s not stellar work, just decent, but it was Marat Mychaels best work.

Army Of Darkness receives
2 out of 5

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