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Next Transformers Movie?
Published on Monday, February 20, 2012 by

Mixed feelings about this next bit of news. I liked Transformers I and III but II has left me apprehensive about any more movies being added to the franchise and I’m leery of needless quick reboots—like Spiderman. Lorenzo Di Bonzventura is promoting G.I. Joe 2, directed by John Chu, but he’s also dropped hints about more Transformers movies. has a Joe-centric interview with the producer wherein he claims that both Joe and Transformers have enough comic mythology to support many many more movies. Bonzventura mentions quite candidly that the properties he’s working with from Hasbro has more mythology than Battleship, which is an upcoming movie adaptation of a board game.

It is not surprising that Superherohype is reporting a similar extension for Transformers. Di Bonzventura says we’ll see more of the product in summer 2014. confirms. The logic is fairly clear.  The most recent imperfect Transformers movie, Dark of the Moon, earned over one billion worldwide from box office, sold toys and merchandise, and continues to sell on DVD.  It is positioning itself well for a sequel for the property. Transformers: Dark of the Moon is the 4th all time highest grossing movie. A sequel is almost demanded by those numbers.

Long time fans of the ‘bots may not appreciate the human centered direction of M. Bay’s movies, although some Joe fans are labeling this as an unofficial cross over between a covert team and bots which sounds like Joe Meets Transformers. Still, Di Bonzventura is correct, the mythology has room for more movies. Transforming the franchise into an epic alien space battle would be easy to do. Transforming the plot line into an inter-stellar return to Cybertron would be possible. Transforming the story into Unicron threatens Earth would be possible. Sure, Optimus killed a lot of bad bots in the last movie, but more can be found or some old favorites can be resurrected…again. Perhaps even a Joe meets Transformers movie could bring fandoms together and sell some product. The movies still have possibility before them.

What is not clear is what direction the new movies will take. One reason that is not clear, is because the directors chair has yet to be filled. Rumors place M.Bay working on the new movie but not in what capacity. He may be a producer, like the new Turtles, or he may direct again. M.Bay’s comments, and other ‘bot movie producers comments, sound like everyone realizes that the second movie was the weakest so far.

Some hints in the direction of the film may be found in the announcement that no cast members are returning. That sounds like a reboot.

There’s still plenty of dates open in June and July of 2014 if the studio wants to go with a similar release date as the first three movies. The first was released in July of 2007, followed by the second in June of 2009 and the third in June of 2011.  A quick turn around is becoming more and more possible due to quickly advancing CGI techniques which are allowing studios to work quicker than in years past. Large budget movies are benefiting from quick turn around times. Hopefully, the speed won’t out pace the script. A good script can create memorable characters where none existed before, but it can also revive cherished characters.  A lot of unique stories can still be told in any story hopefully one will surface in Transformers 4.

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