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Static Shock #6
Published on Monday, February 20, 2012 by

Static Shock faces off against the villians of this story arc and saves one of his sisters. All in a day’s work for Dakota’s hero in New York. Static is teamed up with Hardware live and in person hinting at the Shadow Cabinet all over again.Static Shock’s first story arc is the rebirth of cool and trial by fire as part of the New 52 relaunch.  This spider-similar hero, teen in NY moonlighting as a hero, is still a fun book. The story arc is complicated by events that feel like they’ve happened in the past.

One of the villians of the book, Alkaline, is revealed to be an undercover and unexpected friend.
Overall this is an interesting book, but it is not perfect. I’m enjoying the character and like that he’s still living in a seperate niche of the DC Universe, but this book is far from flawless. The major sci-fi fight scene is hard to follow with awkward layout. Alkaline, who is revealed poignantly to be important disappears. I’m not quite sure where he goes or if he is dead. I think he’s sacrificed himself but somehow that just doesn’t feel right with the page layouts.
I suppose the next few issues will help answer my questions. Only time will tell.

HeavyInk is reporting Static Shock #8 as the final issue of this series, which could make this feel less than satisfying. I suppose the optimist in me wants to enjoy the ride while it lasts and be thankful that one of my favorite over looked heroes made at least a brief return in the latest DC reboot. April 12, 2012 will reveal in time if this story ends with the story arc. Discuss on the Pryde Forum.

Have you missed issues of this arc? Check out the trade coming in June!
Writer: Scott McDaniel and John Rozum
Artists: Scott McDaniel and Andy Owens
Collects: STATIC SHOCK #1-8
$16.99 US, 192 pg

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