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Invincible #89
Published on Wednesday, February 22, 2012 by

By: Andrew Hall

Having been exposed to the Viltrumite-killing ‘Scourge Virus’ in the previous issues, Mark Grayson (Invincible) spends this issue comatose aboard a Viltrumite station on the moon. As a result, we spend the following 22 pages setting up a plotline that leads ‘Guardians of the Globe’ member ‘Bulletproof’ into the mantle of the titular characters.

Robert Kirkman is one of the rare talents that can get away with writing a story where essentially nothing happens…sure, there’s a hint of a bigger picture involving Mark’s Viltrumite linage, but the story itself spends most of its time with Mark’s grieving friends. And yet; somehow, it manages to work. One can only surmise that it’s a skill Kirkman has mastered over his 94-issue run of ‘The Walking Dead’- -where an entire story arc can run without so much as a single zombie appearance.

Ryan Ottley’s art ALWAYS captures the spirit of the book. I’m absolutely amazed that he hasn’t been snatched up by one of the big two. I feel he’d be right at home penciling Deadpool ,Spidey, Flash, or Green Lantern.

My only issue I have with this (ahem) issue is that it doesn’t really feel like the fresh start it’s promotes on the cover. The explosion text on the cover promises “1st issue in a bold new direction!”, but instead new readers are dumped in an ongoing continuity that is still very much dealing with the recent ‘Viltrumate War’ story arc. Even the plotline that leads Bulletproof to the Invincible costume feels inaccessible to new readers who probably don’t know what ‘Invincible Inc.’ is. (Invincible Inc. is the Superhero Security firm started by Atom Eve and Mark Grayson…you’re welcome). The glaring omission of a ‘fresh start’ was so bad that I honestly felt that Kirkman was doing his new readers a disservice by (at the very least) not including a web address to the Invincible wiki page. For the record, it’s (Again, you’re welcome).

Overall, as a longtime Invincible fan, Issue #89 was everything one would expect from the title; smart dialogue, great characterization, and consistent pacing. As a new reader, you would be better served spending the $2.99 cover price on one of the countless reprints of Invincible #1.

Invincible #89

Writer: Robert Kirkman
Artist: Ryan Ottley
Tracer: Cliff Rathburn

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