The GeeksverseCobra #10 – Cobra Command Part 6

Cobra #10 – Cobra Command Part 6
Published on Friday, February 24, 2012 by

Vipers, Serpentor, Bludd, mixed in with more G.I. Joe fun.This issue returns to Bludd and Serpentor’s disfavor of the new Commander. Serpentor can see the wisdom in this latest mysterious move. Bludd’s old thinking is still focused on the collapsing drug trade.

It is interesting how drugs have become a focus in this series. This is not the drug trafficking 90s cartoony Joe, but instead a modern take on drugs funding terrorism. Given that Afghanistan’s largest export is narcotics and the UN is currently trying to convince that government their economy will never recover as long as drugs fuel the country, and now the comic is mirroring international headlines. Even though I like fantasy elements in my Joe, I also like it when headlines are pulled into the backdrop of the story. I can picture generals in Afghanistan debating the use of the drug trade against a backdrop of human suffering…but perhaps its just me.

A sense of humor is needed when a comic has this much realism mixed with ninjas, bionic legs, and other just odd elements. Quoth Serpentor, “Oh dear. Norway is mad at us. What will they do write a bleak modernist play about us?”

I like that the Baroness is killing off the council. I like the fact that she killed a member wrapped in a towel.

This is another fun issue. The long running title tie-in should annoy me. I am typically annoyed by cross overs and incentives to buy more titles than I already do. Sure, they may be good for business, but they are not good for my wallet. this is a set of books that I do not mind buying at all the same time. They work well together. The story keeps moving forward. I’m enjoying buying Cobra Command as much as I did Civil War. I’m ready for Snake Eyes to go off on his own and leave the main story since I don’t want ninjas saving the day every time, but otherwise this is going well.

I was pleased with this book before the story shifted back to the Joes and then I just smiled with pleasure.

I’m buying Cobra Command, the Retaliation movie tie-ins,  and A Real American Hero. I’d buy Renegades comics too.


Books Remaining in Cobra Command

G.I. Joe #11
Snake Eyes #11
Cobra #11

This season is moving quickly.

4 Responses
    • I liked this one.  Loved that we’re seeing more of the mysterious council.  I’m hoping for a couple of “shocks” on council members.

    • I think Tomax’s conversation is very telling as well. I can’t wait until that swings back around in the story. I agree that a few “shocks” on the council would be great. 

    • What I found really interesting was Bludd.  Here he came in second place in the “Be Cobra Commander” contest and now he’s willing to give up the chance at being CC again?  I think at this point he just wants to go back to running his prison again.

    • I think he wants his prison and hsi drugs. If they leave alone his shallow interest he has a better shot of staying alive. He’s realized that all that wear the mask are doomed because the ranks will be trying to usurp them constantly. 


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