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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #7
Published on Friday, February 24, 2012 by

Krang looks better than I expected. This issue provides the first real look at Krang’s new suit.Krang, like all of the Turtles, I know from the 90s cartoons. He was a cool character with a neat story that wound up being a baffoon. He suffered from the same basic problem as Cobra Commander or Megatron that he was diabolical in a kid friendly way which translated to being inept. As a general and world conquer, Krang in a pink mannequin seemed odd.  The new Krang design looks more military and is a huge improvement. Unfortunately, I don’t see the new design standing up in toy form. The narrow legs and wide shoulders look like they’d topple. I find that to be a problem but chiefly because I want to see these designs in plastic.

On the page I see Krang as an improvement. On the page, I can’t say the same for the rock soldiers. They’ve lost mass which seems odd since they are rock.

Hob and Splinter share some glares and pages but no snappy dialogue. Mikey and Raph share too much trust of a stranger. Don starts to poke holes at the story internally: reincarnation?April and Casey have a nice exchange. Mousers.

I can’t say much without spoiling this issue, other than it is good. I’m still bothered by the time line. Otherwise this is a strong series.


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    • Loving this book.  Waltz does a great job of combining all the different incarnations of the Turtles.  We get the seriousness of the original Eastman/Laird Turtles with some of the fun aspects (including the love of pizza and the colored bandanas) of the cartoon Turtles.  And then he throws in some new stuff to keep it fresh.

    • It is a nice mix.


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