The GeeksverseFlashback Review: Spider-Woman #1 (1999)

Flashback Review: Spider-Woman #1 (1999)
Published on Sunday, February 26, 2012 by

War of Spider-Women? Spider-Woman Island? Not quite, but the 1999 launch was a bevy of beautiful masked vigilantes… at least on the cover. The inside has all of the participants depicted but not in the manner depicted.  Madame Webb, rejuvinated and looking younger, has pulled together three Spider-Women: the de-powered Jessica Drew, the wheel chair bound Julie Carpenter, and the newest Mattie Franklin.  Mattie had dressed up as her idol, Spider-Man, after receiving supernatural powers but now attempts to find her own mantle and look as Spider-Woman. First they must defeat a villain by the same moniker.

This is a fun series that kicked off on July 1999 that many people have either overlooked or have since forgotten.

This is not a memorable series that is discussed very often which is unfortunate. It is a fun series. The characters are complex, pulling from across Marvel’s history, then sixty years of superheros, but telling its own story.

Bart Sears penciler, inker, cover
John Byrne Writer
Matt Hicks Colorist
Randy Elliot Inker
Steve Oliff Colorist

John Byrne tells a nice story in this comic. The first issue starts off strong. The series keeps growing and developing.

Bart Sears draws a nice book. This is a great example of 90s comic art at its best, it doesn’t have the Leifild patches that most people remember as that decade. Sears’ art matches the fun and serious tones of the book.

The 1999 Spider-Woman was fairly short lived with only 18 issues. Rhino, Doc Oc, Venom, Spider-man, aliens, Flesh & Bone, and other villains pop up in the quick run. It is impressive how many unique  villains, like Shadowcaster or Flesh & Bone, that pop up during this comics run. This may not be a series that cements these creators as legends, but this a title where legendary creators team up to produce solid work. If you see this comic in a bargain bin then you should grab a copy. This is a fun run of comics that deserves more attention.

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