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G.I. Joe: Retaliation #2
Published on Wednesday, February 29, 2012 by

Heroes don’t live here.Like one might guess from the cover this book focuses on Roadblock.  Setting up the next movie in the franchise, this comic helps explain an irregularity noticed by all Joe fans about the upcoming Roadblock action figures.Renegade’s ninja markings begin to become clearer in this comic.

On the merit of what is being changed some long time fans will hate this issue. Predictably, those same fans till also hate the next movie when they realize what has been modified about their favorite heavy gun toter. Many fans wanted Roadblock instead of Heavy Duty in the last movie. Now, they’re receiving the ninja force version and that might be as bad as leaving him out.

Ignore the potential nerd-lashing that this book could receive and judge the book on its own merit and it is well crafted. John Barber balances two different time lines featuring a young Roadblock and an enlisted version.  The art helps the twin story lines remain distinct. Time is a fuzzy notion in this comic and in the prequel in general.

Does this comic fit between film 1 & 2? Is this a replacement story line? That is not quite clear.

In the tradition of the the first movie major characters have known each other since childhood. In this comic the connection between Roadblock and Main Frame is made clear.  The connection is not quite as woven together as Baroness, Duke, Rip Cord, and Rex/Cobra Commander in the first movie.

Overall this is a well crafted comic full of Joe characters, Roadblock, Snake Eyes, Scarlett, Stone, Hawk, Blind Master and Main Frame.  If you don’t mind a variation on what Larry Hama created in the original Marvel run then this is a comic you should try.  If you can’t get past that, then luckily, this week also sees the release of the G.I. Joe: ARAH annual.

IDW Publishing
John Barber, Writer
Salvador Navarro and Atilio Roo, Artists
Esther Sanz, Colorists
Chris Mowry, Letterer

4 Responses
    • I think the timeframe of this book is just prior to Rise of Cobra.

    • It seems prior with the Pitt building and a few things that Hawk said, but I’m just not convinced overall. It would almost work after Rise of Cobra except for the Pitt under construction. In the second issue was a line about the Pitt being under attack again, but it being a contractor, so it almost seems like this takes place between the movies. Between the movies makes the most sense from a consumer readiness standpoint. I’m just not sure.

    • I think they’re deliberately leaving it open to interpretation.  Which from a story standpoint makes the most sense.  Since Retaliation either glosses over or rewrites parts of RoC, it makes sense to leave this story unconnected in the timeline.

    • Just got a chance to read it.  Liked it.  Liked the backstory with Roadblock and Mainframe.  Not liking that Roadblock is going to get ninja training.


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