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Six Guns #5
Published on Saturday, March 3, 2012 by

Andy Diggle brought the MU’s cowboys to the present in a modern day re-imagining. Does it end as good as it started?

Published by: Marvel Comics
Written by: Andy Diggle
Art by: Davide Gianfelice
Colored by: Dave McCaig
Lettered by: Dave Sharpe
Cover Art: Butch Guice w/ Jason Keith
Editor: John Denning
Executive Editor: Tom Brevoort

This mini-series was a lot of build-up. It took five issues for the Six Guns (Two Gun Kid counts as two) to all wind up in the same place. Each had their own agenda and it just happened that their paths crossed. This style of set-up allowed Diggle to really flesh out the characters. The story itself didn’t need much, it was a fairly basic plot. It was good though.

In a way it was a true western. The plots were never overly complex. The bad guy, clearly the bad guy, wanted money. They generally revolved around the bad guy, in this case Roxxon, doing something wrong in order to make money. No taking over the world, just getting rich. The good guy, not always clear cut if good or not, does what he can to stop the bad guy.

Even with it’s modern take on the characters, this story pretty much fit into that pattern.

And it worked. This was a solid story from beginning to end. Well defined and developed characters. Logical and natural reasons for them to work together. Good plot with a couple of twists but still a basic “not good people end up doing good” theme.

I’m actually sad to see this end. I really liked the characters and would like to see more of them. What happens to the Two Gun Kid now that he’s got his revenge? Would Dawson, a US Marshall, be able to work with the Black Rider again? Why would these people work together again?

And isn’t that the point of a story? It comes to a satisfying conclusion but leaves you wanting to know “what happens next” for the characters?

I said in the forums that I would like this to continue, and I do. It would be nice to have something different out of Marvel and there’s so much more territory that could be covered. We need to see Red Wolf, for example.

Gianfelice’s art was very nice. The style fit this title perfectly. It was heavily detailed but had a rough and dirty look.

Six Guns #5 receives
4.5 out of 5

3 Responses
    • I really liked that last page. Now that this western is ended I expect that they will all ride off into their own sunsets. I don’t expect that this cast can hold together beyond this temporary alliance. However, I agree that I’d like to see more of these characters individually or together.

      So, how does this southern countries non-civil war fit into your ideas about secondary creation? This seems to be a one story country. It served this one story well but I don’t expect to visit this corner of the world again. 

      • Definately seems a one-time only country, but in this case I think it was okay because the MU didn’t really have a country that would fit the needs of the story.  Now the next time someone needs a South American criminal country, they should use this one.

        •  Having a go-to generic South American civil war country could be useful. Someone at Marvel needs to pull out a globe and flag this “country” as well as Genosha, Savage Island, and all of the other countries that they have added to the globe. That would help editors keep the names straight and help them avoid one-and-done countries.

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