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TMNT: Donatello
Published on Saturday, March 3, 2012 by

The micro-series, which is a disconnected series of one-shots, highlight the individual characters. This time around Donatello gets the treatment.

For a moment I want to digress a moment and dip into Erik Larsen’s interview and the December market numbers. When discussing projects past and furture, Larsen mentioned that retailers stocked non-Savage Dragon titles in drastically less quantities than his main character. This reveals a gun-shy attitude where the retailers don’t want to be flooded with unsold books.  The comic book shop is a game of numbers.  Comparing that rough estimate to IDW’s TMNT and it is noteworthy that the micr0-title is only 1,ooo units below the sells of the main title. At the moment the stories have not collided, like the tied together books in G.I. Joe, which makes the similar numbers even more impressive. When retailers have a chance to shy away they are ordering strong.

Still on my numeric digression, pondering the numbers, it is a good time to be a Turtle fan. The foursome is freshly back.  Their main title run is still in the single digits.  Including the one-shots this title is still in the single digits. It has yet to hit the long run stretch that test fans. G.I. Joe is in its second season and carrying on and on. The Joe/Cobra story is excellent but it tests the long-time buyers determination to keep going. Tying all of the titles together could help equalize the sales numbers, or turn off casual fans, and the lower Cobra numbers seem to suggest that some readers are missing part of the collected story.

It is a good time to be a Turtle fan, with the comics still new, tv show and movie on the way, and new toys coming.

Perhaps that explains the strong numbers.

Another rationale reading of the market numbers is more literary: this is a solid set of books.

Donatello is quickly becoming one of my favorite of the foursome. In the main title he is finally questioning the probability. Donatello is the first of the brotherhood to question their connection to their supposed father. Reincarnation is also setting uneasily with him. Splinter could just be nuts. Donatello has yet to rule out that possibility. I like that about him. They have re-imagined his scientific curiosity into a pursuit of truth.

Donatello has still been a fighter in this series.

His one shot highlights the action.

Flipping, jumping, and discovering.

The micro-series places Donatello in his element online and scientific.  Those two realities collide as Donatello slips into the disguise and onto the world above. He finds a new world that he doesn’t know but adapts too quickly.

Donatello meets his on-line arch-nemesis.

Donatello also meets up with Baxter Stockman and gains a new appreciation for the complexity of the situation.

One aspect that I wanted to see, but was missing, was more questioning of Splinter. That must be reserved for the main title. Stockman’s connection is clear enough in recent weeks within the main title.

As a one-shot this issue did miss character development that I wanted but delivered enough character development to make it fun. Overall this is a solid book, which is what I expected from the IDW comics run.

Story by Brian Lynch & Tom Waltz
Art by Valerio Schiti
Colors by Scarletgothica & Ilaria Traversi
Letters by Robbie Robbins
Cover by David Petersen


2 Responses
    • The original TMNT series had these micro-series as well.  Besides serving as a good way to get to know each individual Turtle, they let towards the appearance of the Shredder (if I remember right) and it seems these are following the same pattern.

      I had the Leonardo micro-series, which directly led to the return of the Shredder in the pages of the main book, #10 if I remember right.  Literally directly, the last page of Leonardo ended up being the first of #10.

      I’m curious to see if history repeats itself.  I was going to read some other books first, before hitting Donatello, but now I’m moving it up the pile.

      Raphael was always my favorite.

    • I am not familiar with the original run. I’ve only read pieces over the years consisting of reprints. That does sound like a nice pattern. I would like to see it revisited.


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