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Published on Sunday, March 4, 2012 by

Adult content abounds, not in the context of G.I. Joe deaths in the new IDW run but more in the vein of Baroness making out with Scarlett in fan fiction. The aforementioned fantasy has nothing to do with the following review. The previous adult content warning should be heeded. Squemish readers need not drop by DriveThruComics, IndyPlanet or The flavor of all titles is fairly consistent. All of DarkBrain’s graphic novel titles are available in their original webcomic format at, as digital downloads at and in print format through

The story

Church of One – A detective story told the “DarkBrain way” – and that means lots of action, darkness, suspense and sensuality. A serial killer has just killed pastor James and councilor Holly (played by adult film star Tabitha Stevens) has to step up to lead the Church of Divine Ascension. FBI agents Sal (played by rock star Tony Campos) and Candice (played by adult film star Raylene) are tasked with finding and stopping the killer.

Radio show host Crystal Storm discusses how she came to the world of comic writing in the forward:

I was pulled into the world of comic book writing by an interesting set of circumstances. When I first met Andrew Zar, my writing hadn’t branched out into the comic book world. In fact it wasn’t even on my to do list. I very, very, loosely followed the comic book world, but my interest really centered around popular
super hero characters I’d followed as a child. I remember I had a set of Richie Rich comic books, but that’s about the extent of it.

The review

Supurbia claimed to be the Real Housewives of Superhero City or the GCB of the comic book pages. Church of One makes both Supurbia and Noble Causes look tame and family friendly. Church of One is a detective story that opens in a bloody crime scene. Stock detective looking bearded bald guy flanked by two perky breasted young women that look ready for a naughty nun moment.  Fantasy allows the grizzled sleuth to break into raucous sex scenes without breaking the flow of the comic story. Dark figures, mystery, and more sex plotted together with more action than story on some pages.

I’ll admit being momentarily distracted from time to time and having to flip back to review enough to find the plot thread. While the art has inconsistencies the attention to detail is clearly lavished on the undulating form. Other postures are predictably stiff, but not in a good way that flows into the following panel penetration.

Fantasy and reality begin to blur throughout the comic. The comic is adult by comic standard yet soft core by Andy Sidaris or late night Cinemax standards. Either way it follows the basic rule of round is better than pointy.

Reading the .pdf version of this which emulates the print version available from on-line retailers, I have no comment on the sound, voice, music, or original web comic formatting. The print book, which collects the online pages, seems to have abbreviated story chapters reflecting shorter online segments, but otherwise my review won’t touch the content. The print version of Church of One collects all 6 parts of the original online run.

On a positive note, this is a non-spandex and cape comic.  Larry Hama made an astute comment that American comics were over emphasizing  the superhero genre.  This guilty pleasure may mix religious imagery, detective story, and sexual fun it does omit the cape and cowls. While Church of One is not the oddball mix of Nth Man, it certainly isn’t any worse than the semi-legendary trooper book.

Reiterated Warning

You may want to avoid reading this at work.


Story: Crystal Storm
Story: Wintress Odom
Story: Stephanie Haghagen
Plotlines/Edits/Letters: Andrew Zar
Edits: Nathan Reese
Lines: Ray Riber
Lines: Cherry Fifi
Colors: Christa rosenkranz
Colors: Roland Pilcz
Letters: Fresh Squeezed Letters
Flash/FX/Voice/ Letters: Keith Wood
Music: Greg Rossetti
Voice: Silver Cat Studios, Z, Beth Zar, Epypsus Studios, Toni Anderson, Lance Magnum, Kevin Connolly, Sarella Bond, Bradd Ryder

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