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Captain Marvel’s New Look Revealed
Published on Tuesday, March 6, 2012 by

The New York Post has posted an image of the new look for Captain Marvel, now called Shazam.

Shazam will debut as a back-up feature in Action Comics by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank.

Source: New York Post
Art: Gary Frank

8 Responses
    • What’s new about it? Cape, hood, red underwear with Shazam lightening bolt on the chest? I haven’t followed this character closely but that is how I usually picture him.  This is not as different as the Earth 2 redesigns.

    • The article mentions the glowing lightning bolt and the hood. Supposedly it’s making him darker and more magical.

    • More magical? He’s the amalgamation of several Greek gods right?

    • New 52 is losing me. For every All Star Western they turn right around and gut one of my favorite characters of everything that makes him my favorite character. Captain Marvel (refuse to call him Shazam) should no more be dark than Batman campy. At least I’ve still got Young Justice.

      •  I’ve been enjoying the new Young Justice. I need to pick up the DVDs so I can read and watch them together like the story intends.

        • That’s one thing about the DC animated shows, they have a knack for distilling a character to his core essence that seems to elude the comic universe. A reverence for the past that makes you overlook any changes or update. I read some of these comics and it’s almost as though they’re ashamed of what came before and are taking great pains to make people forget it. The cartoons, they’re more than happy to acknowlege it with a sly wink and a smile before moving on with their own take.

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