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Hack/Slash #13
Published on Tuesday, March 6, 2012 by

Did I use up all of my double entendres on the recent review of Church of One from DarkBrain? I hope not, because I might need a few to get a rise out of this review. Cassie Hack  should be on top of  a list of up-skirt heroines. Cassie Hack should always be on top. In this issue, our titular hero comes undone.  Hack/Slash #13 brings Cassie back to her roots, on a mysterious primitive island, vanquishing evil, and stripping down.  Intrepid Cat Curio is still trying to figure out what is going on while Cassie and Sam are busier with what’s getting on.

After several super-hero-y issues, it is nice to have Cassie return to her roots of odd monsters, action, and sexual tease.  Amid the brainy dinosaurs, Gorillaconda, and other oddities on this nearly secret island is a different type of egomaniac slasher. Immortality and insanity make good bedfellows.

I am momentarily fascinated with mentioning that  this is a non-spandex and cape comic.  Larry Hama made an astute comment that American comics were over emphasizing  the superhero genre.  This guilty pleasure mixes slashers, sexiness, and violence but it is leaving behind the the cape and cowls. While Church of One is not the oddball mix of Nth Man, it certainly isn’t any worse than the semi-legendary trooper book.  Cassie Hack is comparable to the internet’s Church of One, but it manages to pull of something more sophisticated. An increased art and story aesthetic teases the audience with skin promises undelivered but it couples the story and the art well, so it is overwhelmingly interestingly different.

Cassie Hack has appeared around the comic shop shelves cross-over with various other cheerleader and zombie titles, but here she is squarely back under Tim Seeley’s wild grasp of control.

More action and sexiness to come…always more to come.

The cover just about says it all this time, although that gross over simplification misses the ribald fun of Hack/Slash #13.



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