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Deadpool: The Musical!
Published on Thursday, March 8, 2012 by

Deadpool #49.1 is a  musical issue…not another aborted run at a  Marvel Broadway sensation.

The .1 initiative reportedly creates jumping in points to on-going series. The .1 issues that we have covered do not quite live up to that proposed goal thus far. Deadpool 49.1 is a zany book, but I’m not sure it is a great place to jump in as a new reader despite the extended, issue-length recap.

This is a fun issue. No Doubt. It could have been Garbage. Doors of perception may not quite be Nirvana, but smiling is a Temptation. [Insert Band Names Jokes Here]

The show must go on, but luckily this will probably be a one time issue. A Lobo Heavy Metal special could be interesting. Hack/Slash psycho-billy could be interest, but this trend will most likely not catch on.

Daniel Way, Writer
John McCrea, Artist
Veronica Gandini, Colorist
Jordan D. White, Editor/Ukele?

Besides the comic, this comic has an odd added bonus for on-line savy readers. The rousing romp attempts a musical in a visual genre, but the word play is only part of the story.  They pull out all of the stops, parodying popular songs from “O.P.P.” to  “Hit Me Baby One More Time.” The creative team hopes the reader can sing along with these popular tunes.
Still, that doesn’t quite give you the full experience, which is where Deadpool #49.1 editor and noted ukulelist Jordan White comes in with his own unofficial audio version of Deadpool: The Musical, featuring Way on guitar and bass! White made the tracks available as a free download. Go forth and Google!

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