The GeeksverseAdventure’s In Editing #2 – Marvel’s Turn

Adventure’s In Editing #2 – Marvel’s Turn
Published on Friday, March 9, 2012 by

In the first edition, episode, issue (?) of this new feature of my column, I said that I had hammered DC enough recently and that it was Marvel’s turn. The only problem was that I wrote about some good stuff that Marvel had done. But now? It’s Marvel’s turn.

I’m saving the best for last.

Let’s talk Wonder Man for a bit.

After year’s of not being around, mostly because he was dead, he’s had a couple of major appearances. It started with Avengers #2 where he came in all Anti-Avenger-y. He disappeared for a time and came back in the recent New Avengers Annual #1 and Avengers Annual #1, where he led a team of past-Avengers-wanna-bes in taking down the Avengers. I won’t get into his reasoning for it, mostly because it didn’t make much sense and was a real world notion applied to a super human world, and when you do that it can invalidate the super human world or make the real world notion look out of place.

At the end of Avengers Annual Wonder Man hinted that he might not even be technically real, that he might have been re-energized by the Scarlet Witch. He was captured by the Avengers and escaped at the end of the annual.

Now he was also appearing in Avengers: Children’s Crusade, which you can hear plenty about how I feel about the 18 month long duration of the series in my various reviews on it. A:CC started after Avengers #2, so that Wonder Man’s appearance in the series, where he was acting friendly with the Avengers and working with them, felt odd and was out of character compared to his last appearance. Then the annuals came out, well he was still in A:CC, and it showed that his A:CC behavior was even more out of place.

Now we can assume that A:CC was meant to take place in recent MU time, right prior to Avengers vs X-Men. So what happened between the Annuals and A:CC to make Wonder Man change his mind?

They tried to fix this problem with a couple of lines in A:CC #9. When Wonder Man says goodbye to the Scarlet Witch he tells her the Avengers are like an “army” now. So uhm.. why were you working with them and being friendly with them this whole time? And why no mention of the theory that she resurrected him?

To be honest, this should never have happened. After his appearance in Avengers #2, Wonder Man should not have been used again until that was resolved. And it’s not like his appearance/use in A:CC was worthwhile. He was really just in the background until that last conversation in issue #9.

The next thing really surprised me. I have a hard time believing that a writer would be allowed to write a character and not know how that character’s powers worked.

It’s from an old X-Position interview on Comic Book Resources with Generation Hope writer James Asmus:

1) Can Hope control all mutants she mimics or just the Lights?

It’s my belief/understanding that Hope can exert a lesser influence over all mutants (I believe that’s why Cyclops brought Kitty in to monitor the kids instead of Rogue early in “Generation Hope,” because he thought Rogue was already under Hope’s “sway”). And I’ve been writing with that as my understanding (Phoebe Cuckoo siding with Hope rather than her sisters in issue #13.)

This isn’t a knock on Asmus, he can only work with what he’s been giving. But this is like sending a soldier onto the battlefied without a gun or sending someone out on a delivery and not telling them where it goes.

How is Asmus supposed to write the character when he doesn’t even know what the character can do?

This was just setting his run on the book up for failure, and setting up future writers to have to do alot of retconning.

Isn’t the point of having an editor on a book so that stuff like that doesn’t happen? So that characters are consistent across multiple books? If not, then what is the point? Especially on the X-books that have an Assistant Editor, Associate Editor and Editor?

None of those three thought “hey, we should let James know exactly how Hope’s powers work”. And if you didn’t know how they worked, don’t you think you should have figured that out before having her star in a new series?

Am I the only one that sees an issue with that?

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