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Renegades on DVD
Published on Sunday, March 11, 2012 by

Renegades is finally coming to DVD, on June 5th! Amazon posted the pre-order info and showed the cover for GI Joe Renegades Season 1 Volume 1. Volume 1 features 2 discs running at a combined 300 minutes. MSRP $19.99 already chopped down to $13.99 on

Amazon has it listed for 6/5/12 from Shout(!) Factory!! Gi Joe Renegades-Season 1 V01: Movies & TV

Tvshowsondvd confirms……Volume-1/16631

Hopefully more details will be forthcoming before June 5th. 300 minutes sounds like 10 episodes of the short lived television show, so does the Vol1.  Like X-Men:Evolutions, Gargoyles, and other great cartoon series the seasons seem to be broken into pieces. Hopefully it will be in order and not like Storm Hawks or the first Batman Beyond releases and mixed together oddly. Only time will tell.

Still listed as currently unavailable on is the G.I. Joe Renegades Comic. It is still unlikely that this product will hit the streets. I still find that partially frustrating, although I did recently re-read G.I. Joe: Sigma Six from DDP and remembered how horrible it was so perhaps the missing comic should not be missed at all. As a fan of the revamped G.I. Joe Six cartoon, the comic miniseries never really captured the spirit of the cartoon. Perhaps the world is better off without a Renegades comic if it cannot pull off the Young Justice between episode filler vibe.

Perhaps the toys  and the one season on DVD will be enough to excite fans minds.

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    • Back in February of 2011 in a special Renegades Hasbro Q&A, Michael Vogel, VP of Development for Hasbro Studios said this about the episode order of Renegades DVDs:

      “There were several factors that contributed to the “not
      quite the way we intended,” most of them too boring to get into here. 
      But, yes., the DVD release will have the episodes in their proper
      chronological order.”

      I hope that still holds true but seeing as how Hasbro already knew the show was being put on haitus before it even aired, I have to think this was the plan all along

      •  I hope it is in the right order. Both Batman Beyond’s original pack and Storm Hawks were out of order. Batman Beyond later put out season DVDs in the proper order. I want this series, but to only buy it once.

        • I didn’t realize Batman Beyond fixed the show order. I picked up the season sets when they first came out and never looked at newer ones. Always bugged me that unmasked was listed as the last episode


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