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Venom 14: Circle of Four
Published on Sunday, March 11, 2012 by

Given the slow nature of Avengers Children perhaps I should applaud the odd numbering of this Venom event.The gangs all here but it is splitting up. Rulk + Symbiote + Spirit of Vengeance was an interesting character design that seemed to have the wailing power to get the job done. It also left former hosts unprotected nearly everywhere in this hellish version of Las Vegas. Oddly, Hulk was able to easily let go of both the Symbiote and Spirit at the end of this issue which allows everyone to easily and conveniently go their merry way. It would have been interesting to have an issue or two post-Circle of Four with the humans trying to reclaim their power away from the Hulk, but we don’t get that here.

Venom’s role in Secret Avengers has been clarified by the neat resolution to this story arc. Hulk and Venom…but why not go ahead and induct Ghost Rider and X-23. The Secret Avengers could have kept the new take on the New Fantastic Four as a sub-team for a while. Now that these characters have learned to play nicely together it would be nice to watch them interact a while longer.

This series ended surprisingly neat.  This neat and orderly resolution will allow for Venom to segue into working for Secret Avengers in the next issue, but it will also mean that this entire Vegas episode can be forgettable.  A few loose ends would have provided a resonance to the Circle of Four.

I’ve mentioned Dead Man’s Hand,a 90s cross-over that is unfortunately forgotten by many. Another analogue that needs to be mentioned is 1990s New Fantastic Four, a short lived hodge-podge of unlikely team mates that filled-in for a short time. Circle of Four winds up being an interesting revision of this nearly forgotten visionThe Circle of Four revision team seems to have the right mix of new and old plus the women, men, and aged hick mentor to be interesting. They learned to work together quickly, but still could have had a few loose ends to discover about each other by being together.

Luckily, Hellstrom sees a reason for this group to come back together sooner or later.

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