The GeeksverseBluewater’s The Army–Advanced Review

Bluewater’s The Army–Advanced Review
Published on Wednesday, March 14, 2012 by

Bluewater has been putting together unorthodox biographies, adding to their collection, from Burt Ward to SNL. One of the most recent, The Army.

From the cold of Valley Forge in the American Revolution, to the burning temperatures of the deserts of the Middle East, the Army of the United States of America has defended freedom, pushed back tyranny and helped make the world a safer place. Now, Bluewater Comics is shining their bio-comic spotlight on these brave men and women!

When the nation needed them, the average citizen took arms to defend their country and Bluewater tells their amazing tale from the American Revolution to the current War on Terror.

Check out the first issue “American Defenders” to see why freedom owes them so much!

American Defenders: The Army
Bluewater brought Geronimo, the hunt for Bin Laden, to comics and now they are telling a larger story…the entire story of the army. A biography of a military branch. A history lesson in comics.  To keep this from being overly stodgy, the role of army men are played by stylized toys. Plastic green army men jumping into action. Toy soldiers come to life like the Anthony Hopkins version of Titus Andronicus. Imagine the company of green army men from Toy Story teaching you a lesson about life.
This isn’t the grittiest combat story. By comparison it makes G.I. Joe Renegades look like Full Metal Jacket.
Instead it is a very educational story. Like many of the Bluewater biographies the story is loose and jumps around through the highlights. The toys at war keeps the vignettes and highlights well connected. The toys also provide a stylized  connectivity, not as complex as the world bending Joe the Barbarian, but pulling the story together in an interesting manner.
Fans of Sgt. Rock, G.I. Joe,  Our Army at War, and other long running war comics may not see this biography as a must-have piece of their genre collection. However, this is a fun, kid friendly read that can be shared by the whole family. The world needs more kid-friendly, educational comics. This is a
Story by Don Smith
Art by Jeff Wester, Jared Lindenberg
Letters by Warren Montgomery
Cover by Joe Phillips
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date April 25, 2012
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