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Saga #1
Published on Wednesday, March 14, 2012 by

The sci-fi/fantasy love story from Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples has a bit of everything. But does it deliver?

Published by: Image Comics
Written by: Brian K. Vaughn
Art by: Fiona Staples
Lettered by: Fonografiks
Cover by: Fiona Staples

There have been a couple of books recently that really show what the comic book medium can do, what makes it so special. Saga is definately one of those books.

This is a beautiful book.

That’s the only way to describe it.

Vaughn and Staples have created an extremely interesting galaxy and worlds. The war between Landfall and Wreath is fascinating, as is their method of preventing mutually assured destruction. There’s a heavy fantasy element to the world of Cleave, an almost whimsical feel to the names of the area and the map that Marko and Alana have to follow. Uncanny Bridge? Rocketship Forest? They have created a universe where anything can happen and will fit.

And there’s just a nice look to it all.

But the strength of the book isn’t in just the world, it’s in the characters. Marko and Alana have a rare thing, true love, and it’s evident for all to see. Vaughn does a great job of showing their relationship and how much these two love eachother.

The choice of having the child narrate from the future? Brilliant. It makes for some interesting reading. The last pages are spectacular with what Hazel says in the narration. It sets the tone for this series. This will have adventure, it will have excitement, it will have danger. But this isn’t a story about any of those, it’s a story about two people that love eachother and how they raise their daughter.

The art by Staples is fantastic. She does a great job setting the scenes, giving the world a sci-fi feel but with heavy fantasy overtones. It’s hard to make the two blend in a way that works and she does it perfectly. The double page spread near the end is great.

Saga #1 receives
5 out of 5

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