The GeeksverseTransformers #3: A Slight Detour Into Alien Territory.

Transformers #3: A Slight Detour Into Alien Territory.
Published on Wednesday, March 14, 2012 by

I love Simon Furman and I am not the only one. The man is responsible for some of the greatest stories told in the Transformers universe and his Transformers Hall of Fame induction is well founded.

The reason I bring Simon into this is because I believe in twenty years James Roberts run with the everyone’s favorite Hasbro property will be viewed in the same way that Simon’s is. However, no one bats a thousand and sadly issue #3 has a minor problem with tone.

Rodimus and the crew of the lost light, searching for the Knights of Cybertron, take a minor detour in this standalone tale. Where as issues one and two were all about getting to know some of the key players in this merry band of adventuring Cybertronians, issue #3 is a straight up homage to Alien. Rodimus and crew have to face a Sparkeater threat onboard which can kill mechanical life by extracting their spark.

There is much to love about this issue. James has these characters down and knows how to reveal them to the reader. There are a few instances of info dumping but done in such a way that it never seems heavy handed. One of the big points of this series is showing how these different personalities interact with one another under the leadership of a Prime-less Rodimus as well as spotlighting some of the lesser known characters. It’s great to have moments with Rung, Skids, Whirl, and Rewind.

The real fun for me in this series comes with the focus on some of the lesser known Transformers such as Whirl, Rung, heck even one half of a Duocon gets some great moments before the excitement starts.

The one down note in this issue is that James writing is a little too lighthearted in this issue than it should be with the subject of a monster attacking and killing the crew of the Lost Light. This results in the story never really establishing a tense atmosphere that it should have. The Sparkeater is an homage to Alien and every other stranded in the middle of nowhere with something that’s killing everyone one by one that exists; ratchet up the tension, make me fearful and worried. Unfortunately I never really get the sense that anyone of importance is in any real danger at a given time.

The artwork (by established Transformers artist Alex Milne) is a vast improvement over Nick Roche’s animated style of art but is still too light and G1 cartoon based to ever give the reader a feeling of worry, tension, and fear that it maybe should have. At no time does it ever feel that the main characters are under any threat. For this issue I would have tried to have used Livio Ramondelli to establish the mood for this issue.

Other than that I love Milne’s style, though not useful for this tale it does hearken back to the classic 80’s show and that’s a welcome sight.

All in all, the story is greater than the sum of its parts, too lighthearted to be a true thriller. However, the story is fun and exciting never the less and James just writes these characters so well that the negatives are outweighed by the huge amount of positives; May James and Alex keep it going.

 I give it 4 out of 5.

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    • I want my guess out there. Rodimus and his crew will become the Knights of Cybertron. They’re blasted into the past or something. That’s my guess. Just want that out there later so I can say I was right or wrong. 

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