The GeeksverseSaucer Country #1

Saucer Country #1
Published on Thursday, March 15, 2012 by

Can someone run for president and be abducted by aliens?

Published by: Vertigo
Written by: Paul Cornell
Penciled by: Ryan Kelly
Colored by: Guilia Brusco
Lettered by: Sal Cipriano
Cover by: Ryan Kelly
Associate Editor: Mark Doyle
Editor: Will Dennis

When I read the preview in the Vertigo 2012 preview, I said this book was a definate pick-up because of the interesting premise. And it was definately interesting. But I’m still not sure how the two ideas will end up mixing.

The political aspects are well done. Arcadia Alvarado is an interesting character. She’s the kind you want to root for. Tough upbringing, climbed out of the hole and made something of herself. She’s flawed, which is not something presidential candidates normally show. But that’s what makes her interesting. You want to read more about the political side and see where it takes her and if she can end up winning.

But then there’s the alien aspects thrown in. And I do mean thrown in. The feel out of place. I know they’re supposed to be a major plot point, but they just feel out of place with the rest of the story. But they also make it feel somewhat less. It takes the strong political story and weakens it. It’s not as interesting anymore.

I still want to follow this for awhile and see where it goes, see how well Cornell ends up integrating the two sides. Cornell’s writing is hit or miss for me, more often near misses. I absolutely loved his Captain Britain and MI-13. The book was brilliant. But since then, nothing he’s done I’ve liked as much. Action Comics, at least when Lex Luthor was the lead, came the closest. This has potential but I’m not sure how much the alien aspect will weaken the whole. It could end up being a strength, but it’s not in this first issue.

Kelly is a strong artist. Technically sound and he does a great job with the looks of the character. Can see the differences in body type between Arcadia and the campaign manager, who’s a petit blond. Arcadia is still a good looking woman, but she shows real curves. The layouts are good and he goes a great job integrating the odd alien panels here and there.

Saucer Country receives
3.5 out of 5

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