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IDW @ Wondercon
Published on Saturday, March 17, 2012 by

IDW’s Wondercon panel revealed a new series for The Rocketeer, The Crow and The Cape and the announcement that IDW acquired the rights to publish new Judge Dredd and Kiss comics.

+On the heels of their Rocketeer anthology they will be launching The Rocketeer: Cargo Of Doom. The series will be written by Mark Waid with Chris Samnee on art. The series will be out in August.

+IDW has acquired the license to produce new Judge Dredd comics as well as reprint the 2000 AD material. Potential creative teams have not been set.

+The Cape will get a prequel story. Jason Ciaramella returns as writer. Nelson Daniel will provide art for the Viet Nam era origin sequences and Zach Howard will provide art for the modern sequences.

+The Crow will be written by John Shirley, writer of the first draft for the Crow movie, and Kevin Colden on art. Kyle Hotz, Ashley Wood and James O’Barr will provide covers.

+James O’Barr (creator of The Crow) is working on a new Crow series.

+Kiss returns to comic books. Chris Ryall will write the first two issues based on the album “Dress To Kill”. Tom Waltz will be the writer with art by Jamal Igle and Casey Maloney. The series will premiere in June.

+Transformers: Regeneration One #80.5, written by Simon Furman with art by Andrew Wildman, will continue where the Marvel series left off (much like the ARAH continuation). This will be IDW’s Free Comic Book Day Offering.

+Mars Attacks will feature 55 variant covers. The covers will the 55 cards in the original 1962 Topps Mars Attacks cards. They will be distributed evenly and will be sold in a collector’s case replica of the card box.

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