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Rebel Blood #1
Published on Thursday, March 22, 2012 by

Rebel Blood’s just another zombie book, or is it?

Published by: Image Comics
Written by: Alex Link w/ Riley Rossmo
Art by: Riley Rossmo
Cover by: Riley Rossmo

I wanted to like this story. I really did. But it makes it very hard to.

It’s another zombie book and I’m worn out on zombies. So it takes something special for me to get into a zombie book and I thought Rebel Blood was going to be it. It had animals that got zombified. That was different. That could be extremely interesting.

But what we ended up getting was a muddled mess.

Chuck Neville is… well I’m not sure what Chuck Neville is. He seems kind of apathetic about his life prior to being assigned to the fire watch tower. Did he fall or did he jump? Why is he ignoring his wife? The story gives us nothing to work with as far as Chuck is concerned. All we know is that he’s a fireman assigned to a watch tower and he has marital problems. That’s it. Why is he acting the way he’s acting?

For someone to be that apathetic, there has to be a reason, right? And he picks a strange time to decide to do something, when he hears about the infection. And that’s where the story really gets muddled.

The pacing is odd. It opens with a flashback, but where that falls in the sequance of the story is odd. There are numerous hallucinations, I guess thats what they are. Different views of what happens when he goes to save his wife and son. But what is odd about them comes back to us knowing nothing about Chuck. The hallucinations seem random and out of place. And it’s hard to tell which, if any, are what actually happens. Does he make it back to find his wife dying and son dead?

Overall the script is weak and the pacing is bad. And what an odd place to end the story. I read a review copy from Image and it just ends on page 21. It’ll be a week or more before I get to the store to see a physical copy, but I’m hoping there’s a page 22 or otherwise that’s the stupidest spot to end a story I’ve ever seen.

I really wanted to like this. I just can’t because of the poor script and story.

I tend to like Rossmo’s art. It’s got a chaotic quality to it that just has a nice feel to it. It’s kind of unfinished, but finished, if that makes any sense. And for the most part his work in Rebel Blood is good. There’s a couple of very weird panels, very stiff figures, and just odd layouts. Not the best work of his I’ve seen, but it’s decent enough.

Rebel Blood #1 receives
2 out of 5

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