The GeeksverseBloodstrike #26 Advanced Review

Bloodstrike #26 Advanced Review
Published on Tuesday, March 27, 2012 by

We got an early look at the latest Extreme Studios relaunch.

Published by: Image Comics
Written by: Tim Seeley
Art by: Frachesco Gaston
Cover by: A- Tim Seeley w/ Carlos Badilla; Rob Liefeld

Note: my review copy did not have a credits page, so full credit cannot be given.

I’ve avoided the Extreme relaunches so far. I had been able to get a copy of Extreme 2012, the preview book available at NYCC that had some pages from the upcoming books. Glory and Prophet didn’t interest me, but Bloodstrike and the other two did.

Seeley does a good job of filling in readers on who Cabbott Stone is, and what Bloodstrike is all about. He lets the reader infer alot, like what Project: Born Again is, from few words. He does the same with Cabbott’s past. We get the meat and enough so that we can supply our own potatoes and fill in the blanks. He also does a good job of conveying what it must feel like for Stone, to be a zombie for all intents and purposes, to be unable to die. That part comes across very well.

It also appears that Seeley is adding some new aspects to Cabbot that really help add depth to a character that had been lacking in the previous incarnations. There hadn’t been anything to make Cabbott stand out before. He was just a tough guy with a gun. Noe Seeley has given him some personality. Learning that Cabbott has always wanted to help people, and believed he’d get his eternal reward, sheds some light on his personality now that he’s part of Project: Born Again.

I like the other uses that Seeley is using for P: BA, having the Director’s contract state that he wishes to be brought back. It adds some new depth to the group. Just how many people have been brought back?

I liked the psychologist scenes. The parts where she was talking to Cabbott were the strongest of the book, much better then the generic soldiering scenes. What she did at the end, after talking with Cabbott, took a bit to make sense but it finally did, especially knowing that she was part of Project: Born Again. Nice touch by Seeley.

The art was decent. Nothing special. I hate the things around Cabbott’s eyes. Annoying when he’s not in costume. In his original appearances he was unmasked for the most part, and I always assumed the eye markings were war paint. I wish they were.

Bloodstrike #26 receives
3.5 out of 5

4 Responses
    • Why did they start the count at 26 instead of restarting a #1? #1s seem to be forced into ongoing series, so why not at this natural juncture? 

      •  They kept the same numbering from if the series had never ended.  Same with all the new Extreme titles.

        •  Still seems like an odd choice. Doesn’t the industry believe that the more #1s the better?

          • Yeah, at least at Marvel who reboots a series every time there’s a major story or creative change.  So to see a relaunch like this not do a new #1 is refreshing.   And titles do sell better with a new #1, but then have a significant drop-off with #2.

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