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Ghost Rider #9
Published on Friday, March 30, 2012 by

Ghost Rider is at an end, thankfully, finally, and with the strongest issue of the doomed run.This short lived run has left me unsatisfied and wanting more but not wanting more. The ending is convenient and mostly expected, although a new character has arisen from the fiery ashes.

I want more issues of this run, before this one, because of the missed opportunity with Johnny Blaze. Rob Williams set up Blaze as a mentor for the new female Ghost Rider. She needs a mentor because she has more power than experience. Unfortunately, Williams never played with that character dynamic in the series.  Luckily, the mentor relationship was mentioned in the Venom: Circle of Four. It was brief. A few more issues could have had Blaze struggling to shepherd the unruly spirit wielder before this issue seals that dynamic off, which would have helped add emotional resonance when the young woman pops up again in the future. Instead, it is a wasted opportunity in a doomed book.

We’re all cursed. That’s a great summary of this series. The spirit wielders seem to be struggling with their curse. The short lived series seems cursed too.

The new version of Ghost Rider made a nice compliment to the revamped Fantastic Four. The end of this series seems to make that dynamic a one shot event.

The busy Blankas cover does not do a good job selling this book because it lacks focus and clarity. It seems fitting at the end of this series.

It is surprising that the brand equilibrium offered by the ending did not happen before the most recent movie hit the masses.

Rob Williams, Writer
Lee Garbett, Artist (pages 1-10, 21-30)
Emanuela Lupacchino, Pencils, (pages 11-20)
Guillermo Ortego, Inks (pages 11-20)
Rob Schwager, Colorist
Blankas, Cover

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