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Cobra #11
Published on Monday, April 2, 2012 by

Cobra Command is over and the status quo has completely changed.

Published by: IDW Publishing
Written by: Mike Costa
Art by: Alex Cal w/ Beni Lobel
Colored by: J. Brown
Lettered by: Neil Uyetake
Cover by: A- Dave Wilkins; B- Antonio Fuso w/ Arianna Florean; C- David Williams
Assistant Editor: Carlos Guzman
Editor: John Barber & Carlos Guzman

Cobra Command really amounts to a change in the status quo of both G.I. Joe and Cobra. There’s a new Cobra Commander and he proceeds to change it up, get rid of the old, and at the same time takes care of some personal business. There was alot of build-up with Cobra Command. Alot of build-up that was wrapped up quickly. Almost too quickly.

But it does set the stage for the next chapters of the G.I. Joe saga.

On it’s own this issue feels more like an epilogue then a final chapter. All the loose ends are wrapped up and the status of the Cobra High Command is set. We know where each member of the High Command sits and we have a couple of pieces in play that will set up future storylines.

The potential coup by Bludd, Tomax and Serpentor is wrapped up too neatly. It really feels like a waste. The end result is good, with Bludd and Tomax as basically free agents, but there wasn’t even a confrontation. There was the build-up but not even an attempted coup, it just unraveled.

As a whole Cobra Command was a good storyline. It was nice seeing the Joes in action, but we still have yet to really see the Joes on a full mission. This was in support of the UN and the Civil War saw them on the run. We still haven’t seen the Joe team really in action like the Joe team can be. It would be nice to see a complete mission, from start to finish.

The 12th issue of each of the titles is billed as the “aftermath”, but the way this issue ended, it feels like those will be the new beginnings. This issue felt like the aftermath, the only thing missing was a resolution on the Joes end.

Cal’s work has been excellent through out and this issue was no exception. His style was perfect for this story and I hope to see him do more Joe work sooner rather then later.

Cobra #12 receives
3.5 out of 5

4 Responses
    • I enjoyed this issue, but it does happen fast. I agree that some of the loose ends are wrapped up too quickly. Bludd, Tomax, Serpentor, shadow Cobra council are all quickly wrapped in a page. I was hoping that all of those story elements would be drawn out. They even managed to sneak in another Ninja now that Snake Eyes, Helix, and Storm Shadow are so far off to the side.

      I would like to see more Destro in the past two seasons.

      I am curious what direction the next season will take. It isn’t as clear as it was before. I assume Cobra will still have Joe on the run. The best American team still seems like it is reacting and not ready to truly be defensive.

      • The quick removal of the shadow council was odd.  There was so much story potential there that it seems a waste to just mention it exists but never really show it or utilize it.

        •  I would like to see more military/senate jugglers influencing the future of Joe and have that overlap the shadow council. It is also interesting that the council is gone but that Cobra is cut off from their resources. Does that leave room for a third party, like Darklon, to put the council’s holdings back together? Maybe in the end this will not be hanging chad but a long set up to something unexpected. Maybe not.

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