The GeeksverseToy Story #1-Belated Review

Toy Story #1-Belated Review
Published on Monday, April 2, 2012 by

Kids comics often seem less time dependent than the more adult comic fare. They sit on the shelves longer. They aren’t as promptly covered by media. I have tried to keep my kid’s comics reviews as timely as my adult comics. Unfortunately, I fell behind on reviewing Toy Story.I am not behind because of my life getting crazier, which it has, but partially because I am struggling to review this comic.

My initial read, over a week ago, was not favorable. I love the franchise and am happy to have an extension of the Disney/Pixar world.  The three movies are excellent. Unfortunately, the last Toy Story comic, from Boom!Kids and Kaboom! was excellent. In itself that mini-series was great. At the moment it is looming over this current title.  I keep reading and re-reading the new Marvel Toy Story #1 looking for the sophistication of the earlier comic and movie stories and I’m not seeing it.

“Master Woody,” Marvel Comics Toy Story #1, is less than masterful.

I can’t compare this series to the 1995 Marvel comic, but compared to the Boom! comic this is not very crafted.

Upon inspection and inflection, it could be that I like Buzz more than Woody as a character. Buzz was a key component to the movies, but also Buzz Lightyear cartoon, and the Boom! comic.

Woody is fun, but he isn’t as neat. This comic doesn’t play into the western tropes as well as it could. Woody is wrangling the furry pet and marshalling Andy’s room, but it isn’t as kiddie Clint Eastood as it could be.

The art is fine.

The story is probably okay for kiddie readers, but does not suck in older readers.

Will the next issue be better? I may not read it and find out.

Writer: Tea Orsi

Layout: Antonello Dalena

Pencil: Teresa Quezada-Geer

Ink: Michela Frare








Will the second issue be any better?

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