The GeeksverseUltimate Spider-Man #1

Ultimate Spider-Man #1
Published on Monday, April 2, 2012 by

The promotional comic is well worth the asking price.Of course, it was free as a way to bring readers old and new into the upcoming cartoon story. This version of Ultimate Spider-Man is only loosely related to the title by the same name that has been around for a decade and tries to push boundaries. This title is far removed from the new Avenging Spider-Man title. It is closest to the joke heavy Marvel little reader title featuring the web head. That isn’t a bad thing.

This Ultimate title has a Nick Fury that looks like Sam Jackson, an agent that looks like the second man on New Adventures of Old Christine, and other Marvel movie verse tie-ins.

The story is a rehash of young, new hero Spider-Man. It has been done before but that does not prevent it from being done well here.

This issue reads like a cartoon placed on the page. I imagine the pilot will recover this ground.  As a stand alone issue, or series starter it is okay. As a promotional tool then it will be great. It may be a great show, but only time will tell. This issue is as lack luster as the recent Green Lantern tv promotional comic.

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