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Batman Beyond Unlimited #1-2
Published on Friday, April 6, 2012 by


I missed Batman Beyond Unlimited #1 on the shelves the first time, but luckily it has been reprinted. I picked up the reprint this week.I’ve read these issues out of order and they work as well in that order as the intended order.

The format of the book is two stories in each issue. Thus far, Terry-Bat has an adventure. Then the second feature features Justice League of the future. It is a nice format for the fat format print comic. It is also a nice way to extend the Beyond world past what was established in the cartoon.

Jokerz, Mad Stan, Golem, Kobra, Dana, Max…this series is shaping up to revive characters from the 90s cartoon without recovering the same stories again. All new adventures in the familiar world is great.   The stories, by a large creative team, are well executed. The art looks good. The Batman Beyond mini-series, featuring Hush, was too darkly shadowed in my opinion. The Hush story was predictable with obvious red herrings and overly brooding art which differed from the darkness in the brightness of the animated series.

So far, the Unlimited run has a more familiar look. While the art is not cartoony, this seems more consistent. The creative teams seem to have found their balance between old and new.

Undercloud and Dana’s brother, two great new concepts from the most recent Batman Beyond run, are still present and being used to shape Batman’s solo stories…although Justice League has popped into Neo-Gotham.

I’m enjoying revisiting Kobra because I’m a huge fan of DCs fanatic cult. I won’t sing the praises of this hydra-esque group since I have before on the forums.

It will be exciting to explore this world with the new creative teams over the course of the run.

This is a great series.  Hopefully, after exploring Justice League, Superman, and the new Bat this series will delve into other corners of the DC future. What would you want to see explored in the future Beyond the DC universe that we already know?


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