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Brother Nash-Review
Published on Friday, April 6, 2012 by

Bridgit Scheides’s Brother Nash is now available in print!I was able to snag a copy at my local comic shop and get Bridgit Scheide to sign a copy while I was at it. Nice score. I took a peek at Brother Nash on line when she started it. Scheide works part time at my fav comic shop and she drew art for my favorite Roller Derby team, so I’ve been following her Deviant Art page and blog for a while. Unfortunately, I’m terrible at following on-line comics even when I enjoy them so I forgot to finish reading it. Luckily, since I’m a Luddite stuck in a print comic world, Brother Nash is now available in hand!

Brother Nash appeals to me because I’m a fanatcially huge fan of Marvel’s US1, Ghost Rider, and other zany road tales. All of those seem to be stuck in the zeitgeist that makes this native American infused fantasy road tale hit the horror highways of the west coast.

Despite my love for US1 and Ghost Rider, I don’t think either Marvel comic is complex enough to sustain a long run. Both work best in maxi-series or in the occasional miniseries. Because of that personal opinion, I wonder how long Brother Nash could be explored. Only time will tell. Until that is answered, we can sit back and enjoy the ride.

Brother Nash mixes in a Breaker Breaker cast that would fit well with a Jerry Reed sound track, like Burt Reynolds’ movies playing late at night before Elvira comes on. Nash himself is a conflicted spirit trying to help from the cab of his big rig. His world is populated by more than just truck stop regulars. Dream catchers leaking dreams, animages, and a tale of either redemption or vengeance is an interesting swirl. Pulling in native American folk lore helps complicate the characterization and setting. The secondary creation of this story is more complex than some stories set in truck cabs along highways.

The story in this comic is well balanced and well paced from first page to last with a handful of great story in between.  Schiede’s art is consistent and sets up its own separate creator-owned world. It is an interesting mix of cartoon and grit. The look works well for this highway tale.  The colors are bold and striking.

This is an independent book to pick up.

The Mega First Issue is a hefty tale. It works as a stand alone short story, but is also setting up more Brother Nash adventures. I spoke to Bridgit Schiede at the store, to tell her how much I love the giant white rabbit character, and she pointed out she is working on the second issue currently. The white rabbit will have a more active role. I can’t explain why I like the white rabbit without spoiling the story, but I am happy to hear that she’ll have a larger role in the second issue. Fans and friends have already suggested that Bridigt Scheide needs to have stuffed rabbits for sale at her future convention booths which sounds like fun.

Brother Nash’s premiere issue costs $8 each, and are available at Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find in Charlotte, NC and Ultimate Comics in Chapel Hill, NC on Wednesday. You can also order a copy NOW by shooting the artist an eamil at: with something along the lines of “Brother Nash #1″ in the title. She’ll also be making an appearance at comic shows, like the 10th anniversary of the Charlotte Comic Con at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in downtown Charlotte, NC. If Bridgit  Scheide isn’t coming to a con near you, then contact her and beg her. Maybe she won’t come, but it is worth the effort. She’s a fun creator that enjoys interacting with comic fans.

Even if you can’t meet Scheide in person and get the autograph, be sure to get your hands on this comic in print. This is a fun jumbo sized first issue.

Also, watch out for other exciting stories from Scheide in the years to come. Particularly, I want to know more about this Mad Max meet Looney Tunes that she teased on Deviant Art.

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