The GeeksverseCobra Command Aftermath #1 (of 3), G.I. Joe #12

Cobra Command Aftermath #1 (of 3), G.I. Joe #12
Published on Friday, April 6, 2012 by

Cobra is still winning.Cobra has taken over a country, stopped their drug based economy, and then nuked the country into submission. The new military minded Commander has a master plan which is still unfolding in a hurry.

Zartan returns. Apparently he ran a muck throughout Cobra’s recent Civil War without being identified until the end. In this issue, Zartan becomes the face of Cobra to the world. Stopping G.I. Joe on the battle field is only part of the plan. Cobra is also coiling around the politics, funding, personnel, and grabbing Joe by the throat.

This issue has a better pacing than the last issue of Cobra Command.  The shadow council may have been swept away quickly by the Baroness in Cobra #11, but the organization still reaches Washington DC. In this issue the politics and back room funding happens quickly but it makes sense.

I’m not quite sure why this is dubbed aftermath and not just an extension of the Cobra Command. I suspect the answer has something to do with trade paper back publications. IDW is still creating a great Joe-verse with the on-going, inter-related titles. The movie-verse and Hama revival lines are not easily compared to this well executed comic series. I’d still like to see G.I. Joe: Renegades try to fight into the ranking between the on-going and returning Hama run. IDW could probably muster a better story than the DDP Sigma Six series.

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    • Big changes.  I like the direction.  I like making the Joes a completely independent unit.  The need for a scrounger is something I had played with in some fan fiction did awhile ago.

      Not happy with Duke getting promoted.  Never liked him.  Sad to see Hawk go.

      •  I don’t think Hawk is truly gone. If he is, then that was fast.

        • I’m sure he’ll be back.  I think we’ll see him working behind the scenes to get the Joes back on their feet and to take out the corrupt congressman.

          •  I can’t decide if he’ll be politicking or assassinating corrupt congressmen. The write out of Hawk was too quick and smooth. I don’t mind Duke being a field leader but Hawk needs to be up the chain of command. It is surprising they’ve promoted Duke since Scarlett has been calling the shots from HQ.

            • That kind of bothers me…  Duke was a Sargeant and he skipped alot of paygrades to get promoted to Colonel.

            •  I don’t keep the ranks straight very well but that does sound bothersome. Aren’t they all Sargeants in Joe? I thought I read that somewhere.

            • Most of them are.  There are quite a few LTs and a couple of Captains and Colonels.  One or two majors.  But majority are Sargeants. 

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