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Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #24
Published on Sunday, April 8, 2012 by

Oddly, Hank Pym is not my favorite Ant-Man, but he is my favorite former Ant-Man. Yet, I liked his inclusion in Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #24 since he is one of the easiest to explain Ant-Men. I’ve been reading a lot of the Marvel, DC, Archie and Boom! kids titles in the past few years. There was a time when I would have said the two biggest comics companies were falling behind in kid’s comics. Superhero Squad and Tiny Titans were fun but limiting. Recently, the big 2 have had a renewed push into the younger reader. Since, I’m concerned about the new readers that the comic industry needs to survive, youth super hero titles seem to hold a gauge to what will happen in the future.

Being Easter, I stopped by a friend’s house. He’s a long time comics fan that I went to school with. We’ve been discussing comics together since before Spider-Man 2099 was teased. In the past years, we’ve both become fathers. His son is older than my new born daughter. His son plays with action figures, wears super hero masks, and can tell you all about Batman and Green Landon. Even before he has learned to read, this little hero fan knows the characters, the powers, and some of the story potential. As great as that is I can’t wait to see what comics this young fan will pick up.

Marvel Adventures may be the answer. Age appropriate action for young readers without story lines and phonics suffering are fun. It is easy for me to enjoy the Spider-Man comic that reminds me of the wise-cracking non-Avenging Spider-Man of my own youth. It is more of a compliment when this series makes me enjoy a Hank Pym/Ant-Man tale.

This is a fun all-sizes comic issue. Ant-Man to Giant Girl this is a lot of fun. Reading it as an adult, I’m a bit bothered by the age difference between Hank and Janet. Hank always seems like the disheveled, bumbling scientist. He must have an old soul because he always seems like the old man on the team. Given the cartoony art I’m not sure that what ages Hank is supposed to be in this comic. He is already a successful creator that has a full on Avenger ready costume and a distraction for science. On the contrary, Janet is a cellphone using obedient daughter that seems young. The May-December romance seems interesting given the intended audience.

However, the odd romance does not get in the way of the easy to follow story and funny dialogue. This is a fun comic for readers of all sizes from small to building knocking.

Marc Sumerak, writer
IG Guara, Penciler
Norman Lee, Inker
Ulises Arreola, Colorist
Dave Sharpe, Letterer
Ellie Pyle, Reprint Editor


Buy this book for any young readers that you may know.

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