The GeeksverseBeyond Batman Unlimited #2? What Happens Next?

Beyond Batman Unlimited #2? What Happens Next?
Published on Monday, April 9, 2012 by

Continuing both the more recent 2011 and 2010 comics and the cartoon, Batman Beyond has been a nice non-52 return. Existing outside the continuity of the last reboot, the newest 2012 incarnation, Batman Beyond Unlimited, is lined up with world expanding comics that build upon non-rebooted canon. Beyond builds its own universe and it looks like a fun ride. After a reprinted #1, this is a series that should not be missed since it looks beyond promising.

The first two issues are on sale now. The next few issues seem to be coming fast and strong.

Issue #3 boasts a Superman Beyond cover.

In the debut of SUPERMAN BEYOND, The Man of Tomorrow returns home to an unfamiliar City of Tomorrow patrolled by super-powered police officers. With most of his loved ones gone, he wonders if Superman has a place in this new world. But time and death hold no meaning for a foe who has set a plan in motion to destroy the Man of Steel once and for all!In BATMAN BEYOND, Russian criminals have taken Mad Stan’s dog and Stan will stop at nothing to get them, even if it means blowing up all of Gotham City in the process. As if Terry doesn’t have enough to handle, his girlfriend comes to him with shocking news about her brother.In JUSTICE LEAGUE BEYOND, the team works to break the brainwashing Micron underwent, while getting a valuable history lesson from Amanda Waller…but will it help them discover Kobra’s plot in time to save the world?

Issue #4 shows a fight for their life cover with very few details available yet. Warhawk’s origin would be nice to finally see. He’s an angry and tough character with a nice simple design. How is he different from Hawkmen of the past?
Issue #5 shows a noir murder in the future cover. Superman faces off against a new generation of Luthor!  The conclusion of the origin of Warhawk in Justice League!  Batman Beyond sees both the introduction of a major new character and tells an important story for Beyond and classic fans alike!  Don’t miss these digital-first tales!
Since I’m not a fan of reading from tablets, computers, or other non-print comic conveyance methods, I prefer the print monthly comics to the online first issues.

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