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Static Shock #8
Published on Monday, April 9, 2012 by

More? I thought the last issue was the last? Does that mean this character is coming back? Not from the looks of the series send off issue #8. Static has faced some of the most merciless and deadly villains that both New York City and Dakota City have to offer, but now he finds himself face-to-face with a woman who holds his future in her hands and has the power to destroy it: the school psychologist! In one conversation that covers his new life in NYC and the life he left behind, we’ll get new insights into what makes Virgil Hawkins tick. And maybe Virgil hasn’t been as careful at hiding his secret identity as he thought.

Written by Marc Bernardin
Pencils by Scott McDaniel
Inked by Andy Owens
Cover Color by Emilio J. Lopez
static shock love letter cover to #8
This was one of the most unusual books in the new 52.  Bringing back Static Shock was neat. It brought back either a niche audience from the Milestone Imprint or a wider audience from the cartoon.During most of this reboot I’ve  been trying to decide what audience DC was trying to pull back in with this comic. This is a Spider-Man-esque take on the familiar TV hero. Including Hardware seemed to be nodding back to the niche imprint more than the cartoon. #8 clears up any confusion. Virgil Hawkins recounts his history with peeks into his Milestone past complete with shifting uniforms and omission of the cartoon.
#8 makes a nice book end to the June McDuffie commemorative one shot.
The ending feels like the characters running off into the sunset instead of heading into new adventures. I don’t know what the future holds for Static. Given that the New 52 is supposed to be shifting from world building to world sharing, Static Shock should be heading into adventures with other DC characters. Somehow I don’t think he is. With great potential should have come great responsibility.
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