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Danger Club #1
Published on Tuesday, April 10, 2012 by

The Superheroes all died in space defending the Earth. What happens to the sidekicks when they’re gone?

Three months ago the super heroes took off into space to stop the ultimate evil. They never returned. In that time, the world has gone to hell and the teen sidekicks of the super heroes are living The Lord Of The Flies. It’s a survival of the fittest kind of world, and they all are stepping in line to follow Apollo.

We get a bit of some backstory on the opening page, which is designed like an old comic, but beyond that we don’t get much.

The opening is kind of odd. We see the Magician coming from having dinner with his parents, and then we are immediately brought into a world where the cities been beat to hell and the teen heroes are competing in gladiator like games.

It doesn’t seem to match. Where are the civilians? Where are the villians? There seems to be alot of pieces missing. But here’s the thing, most times having that much of a story gap ruins the book, but not in this case. Danger Club is a fun read. It was kind of fun seeing the Robin-equivalent kicking the snot out of the Superboy-equivalent.

For the most part Danger Club escapes the cliche of having the normal super hero archetypes but in different clothing. Aside from Kid Vigilante being Robin-esque, the rest of the cast was pretty unique. And that’s something else that makes Danger Club work. We don’t have the standard cliche of using the existing archetypes, so the story feels pretty fresh.

Still, the foundation of the story is pretty slim and really doesn’t make much sense. The story from the end of this issue on should work better, as it seems to get rid of the Lord of the Flies elements. From the premise, the super heroes leaving and not coming back, I would have thought the book would have dealt with how teens now on their own deal with the super villians and other aspects of the comic book life. The gladiator games was a bit out of left field.

But it tends to work and that’s thanks to the strength of Walker’s script. He makes the story work. He makes it interesting and he makes it fun.

The art by Jones helps alot too, as it’s as visually interesting as the script. He’s got a good style and it ends up fitting the story. He plays around with layouts, helping add to the excitement.

This book is fun. It’s on a not-so-solid foundation, but Walker makes it work.

Danger Club #1 receives
4 out of 5

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