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Gambit 2012?
Published on Tuesday, April 10, 2012 by

Marvel has released another teaser for a C2E2 announcement and this one concerns Gambit.

What does it mean? Find out at the Next Big Thing Panel at C2E2.

6 Responses
    • Too bad the Fraction/Aja is a seperate announcement.  I would have been happy with them on a new Gambit series.  I have a feeling Marjorie Liu will be attached.

    • Has any other character’s popularity declined so rapidly and steeply as Gambit’s in the past decade-and-a-half? Maybe I’m misremembering, but I think there was a point in the mid-/late 1990s that he was almost as popular as Wolverine and was at least as popular as say, Deadpool.  

      •  Cable had the same quick peek. During the cartoon of the 90s Gambit was propelled into Wolverine style popularity from what I remember.

        • Gambit has never been able to really support his own ongoing series.  They have been multiple attempts but it just never seems to last.

          But yeah, he seemed to be hugely popular, but it’s dwindled alot.

          • It seems like he’s got as much story potential as Deadpool or Wolverine. I’d like to see more of the thief Gambit growing into the hero Gambit. But yeah, Gambit works better as limited series.

            • Gambit definately has potential. I’m not sure why any previous series have failed.  I loved the stuff being set up in New Orleans with the Thieves Guild and Assassin’s Guild.

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