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Turning LEGO into a war game?
Published on Tuesday, April 10, 2012 by

Turning LEGO into a war game, is the designers behind Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack but they need Kickstarter help. Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack sounds like an old school long title video game but instead it is a plastic build your own concept that should use LEGOs. Robots, future setting, and your favorite table top space is a build your own terrain living by the game designers rules. In spirit this game could utilize any plastic building block, but while great other blocks exist very few have the piece variety to build the robots outlined by the creators of Mobile Frame Zero. BestLock has great discount priced sets but not even MegaBlok truly has the variety of plastic building components of LEGO.

The creators behind Mobile Frame Zero need help getting the project from their drawing boards to the public. The game comes with an established ruleset and back story, by using LEGO or other block parts players will be able to design combat units and essentially build their own game. The pieces, the board, and most of the environment is supplied by the players imagination. Mobile Frame Zero will ship with “play instructions, building instructions, even instructions for how to make your own setting but the creativity comes from the player.


Check out Mobile Frame Zero’s Kickstarter page for more details.  Like nearly all Kickstarter pages, being a donor has perks. These perks range from instruction sets, decals, to other neat limited goodies.

  • Decals are the first. Designed by Joshua A.C. Newman specifically for the Kickstarter, you’ll receive sheets of transparent decals to distinguish your companies. They’ll include symbols for all three factions including industrial markings, rank insignia, religious slogans, and kill markers.
  • The Mobile Frame Garage is a kit thoughtfully designed by Soren to give you a pile of parts appropriate for building mobile frames. Designed for players who don’t have a big bin of LEGO at home, tiny hinges and other parts give you all you need for a company of five mobile frames. Presented in neutral colors, you can liven up your particular company by adding in parts from any LEGO set.
  • Soren’s Special Edition kits are designed and hand-assembled by Soren to give you real punch right out of the box. There are only two of each faction, so choose wisely.
  • A custom-designed company by Joshua will set you up right. You’ll chat with Joshua, who will help you figure out what faction you like the most, how you want to play tactically, and custom design and assemble your company.
  • A custom-designed company by Soren will make your company the most coveted in all of LEGO mecha. You’ll consult with Soren and Joshua, working out what faction you want and how you want it to work tactically, and then Soren will build it up for you.


Mobile Frame Zero will be printed by Celstyle Anime Games.

I’m a huge fan of Lego and anything that brings about tougher looking LEGO figures. Heck, I’m a fan of customs in general. While I rarely create my own, I drool over great examples of customized toys around the internet.
Hasbro may be taking a bold step in a new anti-infringement direction, but it does make an interesting time to re-purpose LEGOs for a new game experience. Especially since LEGO has recently jumped into the Board Game section of the toy aisle.  All of the LEGO games are built on the concept of rules and creativity intersecting. The pieces and rules may be specific box to box for the game developed goals, but the user derived goals are most likely more important. Like all LEGO products, creativity is part of the play.
None of the current LEGO offerings mirror the game play of Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack.  The game is a future set robot show down comparable to WarHammer as a table top strategy game. The current LEGO offerings are still very board based as sold. While they are spicing in a D&D feel of fantasy and self created maps, it is still in a lite version with less complicated rules and dice.
Mobile Frame Zero looks like a WarHammer game in more customizable plastic building blocks.
While user steered, Mobile Frame Zero also looks more violent than LEGO games or sets. Unlike Mega Blocks and Best Lock, LEGO does not have a military line other than the short lived Built To Rule series.
In fact, the Anime game printed Mobile Frame Zero looks like a modern update to what H.G. Wells dubbed Little Wars in his classic 1913 text. Wells, better known for his fiction, discusses playing toy soldiers with his children and the game rules that they devised and then how it translated into a shared hobby with his friends. The 1913 non-fiction book, Little Wars, was not a financial success but it is a key text of a pacifist exploring safe war game play. The follow up, about Garden Gaming, is also not a popular read, but it seems eerily familiar to people that have poured over rules for board games and beyond.
Wells’ Little Wars  can also be modified to work with plastic building block toys. A little creativity can transform the tin soldiers of Wells game play into plastic block figures toting rifles and canons. The next step is leaving behind the indiscriminate military anachronistic naval soldiers from LEGO and replacing them with a more futuristic warrior drone set up. Having someone else delve into the possibilities and provide a rule book may speed up the process for table top gaming friends. Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack can be those rules.  Donors at any increment over ten bucks receive copies of the to be finished rules to begin their own non-LEGO approved raids and campaigns.
It’ll be curious to see what the future holds for Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack. Will this game be popular? Will it start a new trend? Will it attract the ire of a large block company? Will it attract the creativity of a competing plastic block company? Will it inspire its own Comics, DVDs, and other tie-ins that LEGO and Megablocks have explored in the past?
Only time will tell.
Perhaps one day Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack will be a featured game on Table Top with Will Wheaton. It all starts here. Jump in on the ground floor if you’ve ever wanted to do a little more aggressive building block play.
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    • I just noticed that the time had expired on Kickstarter and Mobile Frame Zero had raised the capital that they needed and then some. Congrats for crowd sourcing!


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