The GeeksverseClerks Animated return can only be a good thing

Clerks Animated return can only be a good thing
Published on Wednesday, April 11, 2012 by


It was reported a month ago here that Kevin Smith is looking to have his cult hit Clerks: The Animated Series (based off his original cult hit Clerks) returning to TV. Since then there has been no more news. However, with Smith and Miramax now no longer beholden to Disney or any of their channels the timing couldn’t have been better.

  Debuting on ABC back in 2000, Clerks ran for two episodes (not in order) and was quickly canceled by an ABC that seemed to have been worried about the untested animated series format. Now with the returns of Family Guy and even Futurama, the success of Archer on FX, the continued popularity of the Simpsons, and the continued success of various Adult Swim properties (Aqua Team Hunger Force especially); there couldn’t be a better present than the return of a funny but criminally mistreated series like Clerks.

 Here’s hoping that all the voice actors that gave life to other characters return alongside Dante, Randal, Jay and Silent Bob. Not to mention the chance of seeing animated Brodie Bruce, Holden McNeil, Banky Edwards, and hell even the Metatron.

 All in all, it’s a good time for now for Kevin Smith fans.

3 Responses
    • I’d like to see Clerks back, even if it just ended up on Adult Swim.

    • It would be a great time for Clerks Animated to return. It would fit well into Fox’s lineup–better than Cleveland Show or Bob’s Burger. Bringing back the first season would be neat. I have it on DVD, but I would watch it on TV if they aired it. A second season would be cool.

      K. Smith still says he’s giving up making movies. Perhaps he can throw himself into animation for a while. That’d be an acceptable substitute.


    • Not sure how I feel about this. Used to be a big fan of Smith’s, but I wonder if this is just a money grab, or if he actually wants to run with this property again. If it’s the later, groovy, as long as he can recapture the magic. If it’s the former, or if he phones it it… meh.

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