The GeeksverseC2E2: IDW Publishing**Updated with Slides From Summit!

C2E2: IDW Publishing**Updated with Slides From Summit!
Published on Thursday, April 12, 2012 by

We got ahold of some of the information coming out of C2E2 early. Find out what IDW has planned.

We’ve already heard about the return of Kiss, Mars Attacks and Judge Dredd, as well as the return of the Marvel Comics Generation One Transformers continuity, but what else will be joining the just announced Battle Beasts?

-Godzilla will be streamlined down to one monthly book
-G.I. Joe will be streamlined, one of the titles might be canceled
-TMNT is doing well, the numbers keep going up
-Locke & Key: one-shot coming and then the Omega Key final series. There will be more Locke & Key to follow-up.
-New series ‘The Score’ coming in June.
-Danger Girl will be crossing over with G.I. Joe

Look for the official word on all this and more with the coverage of the IDW panel this weekend.

4 Responses
    • I wonder which Joe title will get dropped? I’d vote for Snake Eyes but it will probably be Cobra.

      Whatever happened to Unit E? Someone in the panel audience needs to ask about Unit E. I never had a chance to read the #0 issue and haven’t heard anything else about it since. Strangely, I want a M.A.S.K./C.O.P.S./Jem crossover and never realized it before. 

      • Unit E was a Hasbro thing, not IDW.  The comic from NYCC spotlighted some Hasbro properties: Micronauts, M.A.S.K., Jem, Stretch Armstrong, Candyland and maybe one or two others, I forget.  Unit E was a seperate property as well.

        None of those have been announced as toys and it would seem likely if a comic ever came about, it would be from IDW since IDW already does G.I. Joe, Transformers, Magic and Dungeons & Dragons; all Hasbro properties.

        • Unit E would surely be published by IDW if it ever became a full fledged comic experience. In print, I would look for it in the IDW announcements. In toy news, it would most likely come from Hasbro first.

          Which Joe title do you think they’ll drop?

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