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African American Superhero Anthology Kickstarting
Published on Friday, April 13, 2012 by

Kickstarter is a great way for creators to raise funds. A new African American Superhero Anthology is already over its goalto help bring comics to the masses.


Their theory is that since comics are taking over pop-culture from films to wardrobe, then more comics of color need to hit the main stream as well. Unfortunately, according to the comics future creators, the vast maority of superheros are NOT people of color. The current Avengers roster seems to agree since Green is the only color represented other than Caucasian. According to the comic creators, that’s because minorities are still represented as minorities in the world of comic books irregardless of what US census numbers might suggest to the contrary. Luckily, they’ve decided to create some new super heroes of color. Presenting: The African American Superhero Anthology.

Created by writer/editor Carlton Hargro, with art and stories by a host of artists and writers, The African American Superhero Anthology (aka “Super Black”) is designed to introduce a bevy of new and divergent heroes of color to the comic landscape. But in order for The African American Superhero Anthology to become a reality, they need YOUR help.

You can get involved with The African American Superhero Anthology project by pledging here and now at Kickstarter.

This is a goal that Jay Potts, Brian Williams, and other creators have been working on for years now. This is not a new comic push, only another shade of superherodom by Carlton Hargro. Luckily, since creators from Milestone to Ravenhammer have thought this would work in the past, hopefully that will translate into an audience ready to pledge to kickstart this project. At the moment, they’ve already met their goal with time still remaining.

Folks who decide to pledge ($5 or more) get a special, ultra-rare edition of The African American Superhero Anthology, featuring a special cover and autographs from all the creative teams involved. Your pledge will help ensure that future generations of people worldwide get to see diverse representations in pop culture.


Carlton Hargo, writer of this upcoming project, has worked as a writer and an editor for almost 20 years. He is notable as  one of only a handful of African-Americans in the United States serving as editor in chief of an alternative newsweekly. He’s currently living in Charlotte, NC working as a freelancer. He’s an avide comic book collector and graduate of Ball State University. He also hopes to bring the world the next great African-American Superhero Anthology.

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