The GeeksverseGI JOE & Danger Girl Crossover: C2E2

GI JOE & Danger Girl Crossover: C2E2
Published on Friday, April 13, 2012 by

Just in case you missed this. GI JOE and Danger Girl will do a crossover this year in a new mini series from IDW.

The crossover was officially announced via IDW’s twitter feed.

Andy Hartnell will write, John Royle will be doing the art and J. Scott Campbell (a huge G.I. Joe fan) will be supplying the covers.

Release date is unknown at this time.

4 Responses
    • I did miss this announcement. Will it be a girl heavy Joe story with Scarlet, Jinx, and Lady Jaye teaming up with Danger Girl? They should do a Suicide Girls x over too!

    • I like G.I. Joe.  I like Danger Girl.  Sounds good to me.

    • If they place Danger Girl in with a male Joe cast then she’s just a slightly sexier version of Scarlett or Lady Jaye. An all gal miniseries provides room to explore more than just the leering looks and action…not there is anything wrong with that. Wasn’t one of the Joe cartoon episodes all girls? 

    • July 2012 is coming up quickly and bringing part 1 of 4 Danger Girl/G.I. Joe! I don’t know why I thought about this tonight, but I did. 

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