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The Crow #1
Published on Friday, April 13, 2012 by

IDW Publishing has posted a preview of the upcoming new Crow series on their Tumblr page.

The Crow #1 is written by John Shirley (writer of the first Crow movie), with art by Kevin Colden and covers by Kyle Hotz and Ashley Wood. The Crow #1 comes out in July.

Source: IDW’s Tumblr page.

5 Responses
    • Confession, I loved the movies and TV show and then started reading the comics for this property. I enjoyed them for years. James O’Barr left a bad impression at a convention. Perhaps we were both having bad days. Now I’m glad to see the Crow back and John Shirley writing the comic. Based on the concept and the first movie, this should be good. 

      • I was at the absolute perfect age to get into The Crow movie when it came out: I was a comics nerd of around 15 or 16 at the time, listened to Pantera and Rage Against the Machine non-stop, and I was practically raised on Bruce Lee movies. A comic book movie starring Bruce Lee’s son, with Pantera and RATM featured on the soundtrack… are you kidding me?

        It would be a few years later that I would actually read the original mini-series… it was a Kitchen Sink Press trade paperback I still have somewhere and to be honest, I was a little underwhelmed. You know how, if the first version you hear of a song is a really good cover version, it sort of colours how you subsequently hear the original (even if the original is supposed to be “better”)? I think that sort of happened with The Crow for me. Besides the nostalgic and emotional ties I had with the film, it seemed like the film just tightened everything up, from the pacing, to the writing, to the visuals.

        • Zed, we must be the same age, because I too was a comic book reader at the right age to be impressed. The sequel movies are not as good as the first but I love them too. Each of them is neat in its own way because I like the world.  I see about what you’re saying about liking your first experience, but I enjoy them all as separate entities.  I’m the same way with Highlander until they made them aliens. Making them aliens was stupid.

          • Ack. I’d almost forgotten about the whole alien angle with Highlander. Didn’t the guys behind the movies/series eventually “retcon” the whole thing out?

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