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C2E2: The Valiant Panel
Published on Saturday, April 14, 2012 by

Valiant Comics returns this spring and they had a panel at C2E2 talking about the relaunch.

Panelist included: Dinesh Shamdasani (CCO), Fred Pierce (Publisher), Hunter Gorinson, Robert Venditi (X-O Manowar), Warren Simons (Executive Editor)

X-O Manowar, the first book due out in May, was described as the launchpad for everything that’s coming.

Robert Venditti said “My goal from the outset was, I didn’t want to fix what wasn’t broken. I didn’t want to change all the things about the character that make him great. What I did want to do was update it, modernize it, so we can bring in new readers as well. I also wanted to focus on the primary antagonist. What drives the aliens? Why do they come to Earth? create characters within those Aliens, the Vine, and make ones that you can relate to”

He teased that a new power in the suit will be key to the first year of the series.

“From the first issue, there are at least a dozen plots established in those first 29 pages. 24 issues from now you will see something and realize how we set it up in this first issue,” Venditti added.

Simons said that The Vine (the aliens from X-O) will have a presence in Bloodshot.

They talked about the talking cover variant of X-O #1, as well as Harbinger #1, and said that they want to try crazy stuff like that. Shamdasani said that you (the fans) might not like all of them, but it’ll be new.

Next up was Harbinger with Shamdasani talking about how the original Harbinger was a legend among Valiant fans.

“Harbinger was successful because it did things at the time Marvel and DC weren’t doing, it was all about the grounded sense to the characters,” Shamdasani said. “I will say personally I’m a little skiddish on what we’re doing in Harbinger, it’s a dangerous book, it’s doing things you aren’t seeing from other publishers.”

Bloodshot is written by Duane Swierczynski with art by Manuel Garcia and Arturo Lozzi. Simons said that there is a reason there are two artists on the book and that each of them will be doing certain sections of the book.

Simons added that the first two pages of Bloodshot will have last implications for the next year of Valiant.

Neal Adams will be doing a variant cover for Archer and Armstrong.

The Q&A opened up and the first question was about digital partners and strategy. Shamdasani said that they don’t have a partner currently but do have plans and will announce them soon.

The Eternal Warrior will show up in the Free Comic Book Day issue and is designed by Lee Bermejo.

“We will have a reprint program on all of the old stuff, we’ll see if it’s hardcovers, depends on what retailers want. You’ll also see all of the old product digitally eventually,” Pierce said in response to a question about reprinting the original Valiant stuff. “We wanted to be a new universe, so that’s part of the challenge with the reprints, but they will come”

3 Responses
    • Harbringer was nice because it was slightly different. Now that team book dynamics at DC and Marvel have changed can Harbringer still be different?

      When Authority was cancelled the creator said in essence, “what can be edgy when every title has heroes raping cats.” That seems oddly appropriate here. 

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