The GeeksverseC2E2: Marvel’s Next Big Thing

C2E2: Marvel’s Next Big Thing
Published on Sunday, April 15, 2012 by

Marvel’s last panel of the weekend revealed the creative team for the new Gambit series and touched on other new books.

Panelists included Arune Singh (Director Of Communications), C.B. Cebulski (Talent Manager), Sana Amanat (Ultimate Line Editor), Daniel Ketchum (X-Men Associate Editor), and writers: Cullen Bunn, Kelly Sue DeConnick, James Asmus and Dennis Hopeless

DeConnick said she had her pitch for Ms. Marvel was “Carol Danvers as Chuck Yeager.” She added that if it flies, Carol can pilot it. She said she wanted to take Danvers from the recent “law and order” action and bring her back to her military roots, establishing her as THE female super hero in the Marvel U.

Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel will appear in Avenging Spider-Man #9 with art by the Dodsons, Terry and Rachel.

Artist Jamie McKelvie will take over as regular artist on the Defenders with issue #8.

Matt Fraction and Kieron Gillen will do a crossover between Thor and Journey Into Mystery called “Everything Burns.” It will feature the return of Surtur, the betrayal of Loki and a huge shift in the status quo for the sons of Odin. Singh said the writers had been planning the story for awhile to meet Thor’s 50th anniversary. Alan Davis and Carmine DiGiandamencia will provide art.

Cullen Bunn talked about his upcoming “Captain America and..” stories as well as his run on Wolverine. He said he wanted to be as terrible to Wolverine as he could. He said the first arc features the return of Dr. Rott and will be a brutal four issues for Wolverine.

A new Gambit series had been teased prior to the convention and the creative team was announced. James Asmus and Clay Mann will be the creative team for the new book debuting in August.

Asmus said that he wants to focus on two things, that Gambit is sexy and that he’s the best thief in the MU. The series will have Gambit broken away from the X-Men and stealing wild items from across the MU including in space.

Ketchum said that they didn’t want to revisit the Gambit stories that had been told a thousand times, New Orleans and Bella Donna. He said this will be like a Gambit movie that introduces the character in an all-new way.

The Q&A opened up with someone asking about Jubilee’s status. Singh replied that she will be “shelved” for awhile so can return with a bigger impact.

The question of the “Runaways” came up. They said that they just hadn’t found the right pitch for the group. The Runaways gets pitched all the time, Cebulski said, but they just hadn’t found the right one. He added that they will do something for the team’s 10th anniversary.

In response to someone asking about the origins for Captain Marvel, DeConnick said she had started conversations on it back in 2010 and had found an ally in Editor Steven Wacker. She said she had thought she had a failed pitch when Wacker had called up to tell her that she wasn’t writing Ms. Marvel. The editor then surprised her by saying she was writing Captain Marvel.

DeConnick made a plea for fans to pre-order the book as retailers would probably order low on it.

Asmus was asked if X-23 or Rogue would appear in Gambit and he responded by saying they were going to build a supporting cast. He added that Rogue would show up eventually. He highlighted the idea that this was a new reader friendly book.

2 Responses
    • I’m disappointed in the Gambit creative team.  I don’t see the book lasting long.  It doesn’t seem like a hook that will draw in many readers and the creative team isn’t strong enough (like the Hawkeye team) to carry the book on it’s own.

    • Starting Gambit away from X-Men is interesting and could work. I like the idea of Marvel doing a thief story for a while. I’m bothered by the sales point that he’ll be “sexy” but what ev. Stealing things in space sounds odd too. 

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