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C2E2: Vertigo – New Blood
Published on Sunday, April 15, 2012 by

Vertigo was at C2E2 with a handful of creators talking about the new and upcoming books.

On hand was editor Will Dennis; writers Scott Snyder (American Vampire), Brian Azzarello (Spaceman) and Bill Willingham (Fables). Sean Murphy, writer/artist for Punk Rock Jesus, was also on the panel. Ryan Kelly, artist of Saucer Country, was there.

Murphy talked about his book, Punk Rock Jesus, saying that he “wanted to address a lot of my religious concerns; seeing that I have none; in a way that seemed fun, that had a lot of action, in a creative way, that didn’t beat people over the head much.” He added that he didn’t have an axe to grind with the book and if he’s turned people off, then he failed. He said that his wife and parents are very religious and that the book would appeal to them.

Bill Willingham talked about the Fables spin-off Fairest, saying that it will be home to the smaller stories. He added that it’s a book where other writers can play around in the Fables-verse. He said that novelist Lauren Beukes will write an arc and that Sean E. Williams will write the third arc.

He said that he had to adjust things on the fly with the “Cubs in Toyland” arc of Fables, since Toy Story 3 had addressed some elements of the story.

Ryan Kelly talked about Saucer Country, saying that Cornell is challenging what he (Kelly) thought the project would mean. He said that it’s kept him on his toes.

Synder talked about American Vampire and that the arc starting with #25 takes place in the 1950s. Rafael Albuquerque said that it was their best arc.

There will be a new American Vampire mini-series called Lord of Nightmares. Dustin Nguyen will be the artist. The mini-series follows a human organization that hunts vampires. It will star Felicia, who is raising the son of a cured vampire named Gus. Synder said that Felicia is the most terrifying vampire they’ve created so far.

Azzarello said that Spaceman #7 will be a jumping on point for new readers. He added that each issue is someone’s first.

Sweet Tooth #33 will be a landscape book, so it will be held horizontally. We’ll learn the origin of the plague that makes the Sweet Tooth world the way it is.

The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo, written by Denise Mina with art by Leonardo Manco and Andrea Mutti, has a special free preview coming out in a week. Dennis added that some shops might hold it until Free Comic Book Day.

He added that they worked very closely with the author’s estate as well as the original editor of the book.

July will see the release of a graphic novel by Anthony Bourdain. Get Jiro! will be co-written by Joel Rose with art by Langdon Foss. It’s about a future world where food is the only culture.

Scalped #60 will end the series by Jason Aaron. Dennis said the it might end in a way that no one expects.

Collider is a new series, just announced, about an “A-Team” like group of stormchasers that instead of chasing storms they chase quantum events. The series will be written by Simon Oliver (The Exterminators) with art by Robbi Rodriguez.

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